Friday, April 6, 2012

Random Kind of Day

The boy and me

Yesterday was too random for this girl.  I like my days scheduled to a capital T!  
It started with Lucas throwing up in his bed.  Not sure when it happened or even why, but I came into wake him up and his room smelled like something or two had died!  Poor kid.  He had last night's dinner all in his bed, all over him, and even a touch of green beans in his hair.  Scooped him up and bathed him.  Guess I didn't bathe him well enough...the slight linger of vomit carried with him throughout the entire day. 
He seemed to be fine, not feverish or showing any signs of being sick.  I passed on the gym just to be safe.  Didn't want to subject the other kids to his sickness, plus I'm sure he didn't feel like being in "jail" for over an hour.  Lucas and I went to Target instead to pick up a birthday present for a friend of Juliebelle's. Can I just say one thing?  It gets old having to buy gift after gift.  Between the three kids and all of the parties they get invited to, I swear, it's nickel and diming us!  I should just buy gifts in bulk at Costco.  However, I am elated my children are liked enough to be asked to parties in the first place.
After glorious Target, (I could spend hour upon hour in that place) we headed home.  I gave him a bite to eat and put him down for an early nap.  He happily obliged.

Time to pick up the kids from school.  Steve's working, Lucas is somewhat on the fence with illness, and I don't feel like cooking.  So what do we do?  We head to Kneaders for dinner.  Stopped through their drive-thru and picked up a few sandwiches.  What a great place Kneaders is.  Awesome food.
After dinner the kids went outside and played.  I joined them with Lucas and we went in search of the neighborhood chickens.  We found them.  They were at home, in their coop.  We made noises at them to try and lure them over to us.  The chickens weren't buying it; they stayed in their coop.  They did pop their heads out to see what was making all of the ruckus, but quickly saw it was just a family of humans making an ass out of themselves.
After playtime, the girls, Lucas, and I headed upstairs to color.  This is what I discovered in Lauren's Barbie house.

Yep, Barbie and her friend sharing the bathroom together.  Isn't that too true to form?  Us ladies are sure funny that way.  We don't mind letting ourselves be the right girlfriend of course.  :)

Lucas decided it was too boring to color and play with Barbies.  He took off and ventured into Anthony's room.  Didn't like what Anthony was doing, so he made a trip to Juliebelle's room.  And here is what that kid got into.

Her 3-D glasses!  I think he looks like the old man from the movie Up.  He happily posed for this picture too.  Juliebelle came rushing in from coloring to cause a big stink. "Mom, get those away from him!  I don't want him to break them!!"
I thought he looked too adorable to take them away, but reluctantly, I handed them back to her.

Bedtime came rolling around along with a call from Steve.  Overtime was in the mix.  :(  That means he'll be on a 72 hour shift.  Oh how I dislike those so.  I appreciate beyond words how he's sacrificing for the family, working so hard, but I miss him so when he's gone.  Lucas and I'll go see Daddy later today when we stop by to bring a little bit of home to him.

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