Friday, June 29, 2012

A Day of Summer

She's ready for the pool!!

It's Friday, thank goodness!  I suppose it doesn't matter in the life of a stay at home mom, just like those that are retired.  Don't all of the days just seem to run together?  Monday's just like Wednesday?  Not least not this week.
Steve has been away from home with either work, volunteering (for work), classes (for work) or errands he's had to run for the house.  I've had the kids...all to myself.  And we've all missed out on getting to spend time with Dad this week.  So today being Friday, he's wrapping up the last of a class he's taking, the girls go back to their dad's, and Steve and I have a weekend planned for the two of us.  Ah, it's been too long and I'm looking forward to it.

This past week the girls did a lot of swimming, playing with their toys, and of course, fighting.  It amazes me how two girls can fight till they want to kill each other one minute, then they're best friends the next.  Since I never had a sister, I can't really relate.  

I saw a pin on Pinterest about 4th of July windsocks.  They looked way easy to make, minimal supplies, and a project I knew the girls would be excited to complete.  We get our finished product all done, but there was a problem?  The windsocks didn't look like the all.  Why is that?  I followed directions.  I even purchased the same materials they told me to.  In the end I suppose it doesn't matter.  The girls were ecstatic over their own windsock, so mission accomplished!

 Yesterday, Julie had her first golf lesson out at Boise Ranch.  She expressed some interest to my dad about wanting to golf, so he signed her up for some lessons.  She fell in love immediately!  Despite the 95 degree temperature she endured, she wants to go back for more.  I made her lesson at 9am next time.  Two reasons: it's cooler and Lucas won't be so crabby.  Julie is counting down her days till she gets the club into her hands again.  Just be careful what you wish for Julie, because Pa will sign you up!  (Thanks Dad, she's very thankful and excited!)

A large portion of this week did not include Lucas napping.  Either we were too busy running errands, we were at the pool, or he just plain didn't want to take one.  I figured after missing a nap, 7pm would roll around and he'd be snoozing.  Not the case.  He was lucky if he had wound down by 8/8:30.  It's going to be a sad, sad day when this becomes routine.  It is easier to have him nap when the girls aren't home, so I'm getting him back on his schedule starting today.  

My eating more healthy/exercising is still going great.  I have been to our pool to swim a few laps and I've stopped my lovely habit of snacking on sugary cereal.  I've replaced it with cottage cheese.  Much better for this little baby and myself, and I don't feel like a slob afterwards.  The weight gain is still six pounds...wheww!  

After the girls go back to their dad's this morning, I think Lucas and I will enjoy the quietness for awhile.  Then after it has worn off, we'll start to really miss the girls.  That's why when I can't stand another minute of their fighting, another minute of Lauren being Lauren, and another minute of stuff everywhere, I remember how lucky I am to get to witness and be apart of every last drop.  All I need is a small break occasionally...I mean, who doesn't?


  1. saw that pic below of the ol' ladies, I bought some of those weights at bed bath beyond.

  2. I Love to see pics of your girls! But where is Anthony?? We should plan a swim date (with or without kids). I hope you had fun on your Sat. nite date...give me a call or text soon when you get a free minute and are feeling perky. = ) Sarah