Friday, June 15, 2012


 I took the girls on a small walk yesterday morning.  While walking past this Mormon church, Lauren yells out, "Mom, that's where the orphanage is!  Yep, that's it, right there."  All while her face lit up and pointing to the church.  "What?" I say.  I was curious and wanted to know why she came up with that.  "Why do you say that Lauren?"  "Well because, I always see lots of kids coming out of there.  It must be their free day."  
I stopped dead in my tracks and curled over Lucas' stroller in laughter!  After I collected myself, I explained to her that it was not an orphanage, but rather a church.  "What kind of church Mom?  A Catlic church?"  "No Lauren, not a Catholic church, a Mormon church."  "Oh, okay.  Guess there's lots of kids that go there.  Maybe we can come by on their free day and meet some new friends."  I just smiled and said, "Okay, that sounds great Lauren!"

The rest of our day was spent with Allison and Marlie stopping by for a visit.  Juliebelle was excited to see Marlie.  Allison handed Marlie over to Juliebelle and Marlie decided she wanted her mommy instead.  Juliebelle was heart broken.  She likes to think she's the cat's meow when it comes to babies and their needs.  She is correct, but not on this particular day, and not with Marlie.  Lauren's turn.  Same outcome...crying for Mommy.  I knew I had the magic touch, so it was my turn.  Big fat no on that one.  She started whaling again.  Guess us girls don't have that special touch that she needs.  Good thing Allison was around to pass her back when the tears started flowing.  :)

After Lucas' nap, we went to the pool.  Now let me just tell you the pool is not fun for me at this very moment.  #1 reason?  I don't quite look pregnant yet.  But what I do look like is that I chose to drink too much beer and engage in some late night snacking...gorging rather.  I do have a tankini, so the top covers my gut somewhat, but it starts to poke out when I reach or pick up the kids.  And my #2 reason?  I have a 22 month old who knows nothing about the dangers of water.  Last year I could sunbathe, without a belly, watch the kids swim, all the meanwhile Lucas would nap in his stroller.  Not this year.  In and out of the kiddie pool and the large pool.  Running around the big pool.  Throwing toys that don't belong to us in the pool, then wanting to jump in (the deep end of course) and retrieve them.  Wanting to push the stroller, throw our towels, and my phone, into the pool.  You name any form of destruction, this kid has his name written all over it.  My oh my!  And all the meanwhile I have neighbors trying to introduce themselves to me and want to chat.  I'm sure I came off as very disinterested and rude.  I can't chase my kid around the pool trying to save our belongings and hold an adult conversation at the same time...just isn't going to happen.  So neighbors, I apologize for my erratic and rude behavior.  
So this year, I tell the girls that our pool time may get cut short if your brother decides to be a holy terror.  They agree and enjoy the time we get to swim.  Thanks girls.  Lucas will soon grow out of this stage...I hope.

We yielded our first two strawberries from our garden yesterday!  So exciting considering just a few days ago, the Magpies were gobbling them up before we could get to them.  Steve placed a mesh netting around the garden box and the bird problem was solved.  Thank goodness too, because if you've ever tasted a strawberry right off of the vine, you know what heaven tastes like.  

Our night was wrapped up by baths and a bottle.  Yes people, Lucas still takes one night.  He refuses to drink anything other than water in his cup, so getting him to drink milk is hopeless unless it's in a bottle.  I'm hoping by the time he picks up his prom date in high school, he's lost this nasty habit.  :)


  1. I would rather have pictures of Lauren than a Mormon church! Oh the things kids say!

    I am glad you are getting out and feeling better, but sounds like the pool is not your friend anymore...good luck with keeping up. I've been in the same shoes pregnancy timing wise, just don't think of what others may think of you!! ~ Sarag

  2. Thanks Sarah. Yes, I'm starting to put my blinders on to the "lookers." I'm sure if I went to Walmart, I'd witness worse looking things than myself in a tankini. :)