Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Re-Birth

Yes, it's early in the morning and I'm sitting behind my computer...blogging away!

Did you all miss me?  I sure hope so.  

I took a small break and am glad to be back.  I also am glad to be back to my old self again.  I went through about six to seven weeks of what I like to call physical and emotional wreckage on my poor body.  

This above snapshot being the reason.  
For any mother who has experienced pregnancy and gotten the dreaded morning, all day sickness, my heart goes out to you.  No, not the mothers who smell chicken and get a little headache.  I'm talking about the women who put the toothbrush in their hand first thing a.m. and start dry heaving.  The women who if their house catches fire...please just don't burn the couch I'm on and the blanket that's covering me.  And for the women who just can't function without their stomachs reminding them that life just isn't fun at this very moment...or two...or seven weeks!

But all of that goodness behind me, I am elated beyond elated to be welcoming another Hayes to our family.  I'm elated God has chosen ME to take care of such a precious gift...thank You!

Steve and I are determined it's a girl.  Why?  Because the Chinese Birth Chart says so, that's why.  And the chart was correct for the other four.  Yes, we aren't even entertaining the notion that this baby is a boy.  Even though we do like the name Johnny if a surprise were to come our way.  But instead, I'd like you all to meet Miss Lily Hayes.  She will be gracing us with her presence on or shortly before Christmas.  I know.  Christmas you say?  With the 28th being my exact due date, it's going to be a real nail biter I'm almost certain.  Since I refuse to have any form of induction, herbal teas are useless,  jumping on a trampoline only hurts my northern and southern regions, and since castor oil is completely out of the question, the 25th is looking like it might likely happen.  Guess we'll just have to spoil Miss Lily a little extra.  Or let her have a birthday party in June or July to offset her parents' very poor planning, or lack of.

I have turned our privacy mode to the OFF position.  Why?  Well, because I received a lot of groans and moans regarding creating a Google account, having to have a password, not getting the invite I sent them in the first place, etc.  I at first was, "Well tough.  Figure it out."  Then my heart softened, actually no, that's not the truth.  What actually happened is I lost my readers.  And that my dear friends/family, can't happen.  So to lure you back into following our family again, I have made it as simple as one click.  You're welcome.  :)

I'm glad to be back just as I'm sure you're glad to have me back.  Let me stress one thing though:


Seriously, I do.  And as a good blogger does (because I've done my homework on this) I respond to your comments, because I care. :)


  1. Congratulations! I'm glad to hear the sickness has subsided (somewhat?) - my first bout with morning sickness was with my second child and it lasted 5 months... it was awful. So my heart goes out to you there! Glad to see you're back to blogging and hope the rest of the pregnancy goes very well for you and Miss Lily!

  2. Congratulations!! We are so excited that you are adding to your family. Glad you are feeling better and are over the yucky stage... Christmas is a crazy time to have a little one but there is something amazing about having a baby at that time... The time we celebrate the birth of the Savior Jesus Christ...
    Anyway, glad you are back... I have missed reading your blog!

  3. My child number 2 was due December 28th, 2004. He did not. come. out. until. January. 12th. 2005. Ouch! But on the upside, his birthday is a little ways past Christmas. Here's to smooth sailing until L.C.G.H. is born! I can't wait to hold the new baby...
    Love you, Sarah

  4. I was one of those people that used to read your blog all the time, then stopped when I had to create the google account. So glad you went back to the old way! My word of advice...don't get your hopes up about having a girl, you may be disappointed when you find out its a boy!


  5. Yes I think all of us (Ellie, me, Colette) have hoped for a girl at some point until that ominous pee-pee showed up on the ultrasound but I'm pulling for you Ang! I really hope it's little Lily. You have a great blog here and I love reading it and seeing pics of the family. Keep it up! Love you Ang and the whole family.


  6. Thanks ladies for the congratulatory news! We are excited!
    Ellie, I hope to not have anymore sickness. So far there's not a trace of it and hope it stays that way. Poor thing, don't know how you did it for so long. Heather, I'm glad to be back! Yes, you're right. All kidding aside, sharing a birthday with Jesus would indeed be something special. Maybe He'll surprise us!
    Sarah, um, I would more than likely consider hanging myself upside down for hours on end before I went several weeks past my due date. You are the strong one indeed. Can't wait for you to hold her either. Colette, wow you have a way with words...strong and to the point! Well, you are correct, but since I tend to be on the pessimist side naturally, I'm going to swing on over to the bright side. If it's little Johnny, well, then I'll be more than happy too!
    Jocelyn, my BFF! Thanks for rooting me on. I can always count on you for such great support...even if my outcome looks dim...very dim. :)

  7. Mom and I can see the arms, I think I may be seeing a bit of manhood there but, I will wait to see if that will be proved! What bedroom will Lily get? Mom says move Anthony downstairs in the puter room and Lily in Anthony's old room. Problem solved. I'm glad we can help!

  8. Donna, great point! Actually,I was going to room Anthony with Lauren. Don't think that'll work? Too much fighting with one another? They'll work it out I'm sure. :)

  9. Hey Angela! Congrats on your pregnancy! I just happened to check your blog again after a very long time and got all caught up. We have been talking about you often... I am pregnant (due in Aug) and wish more than anything you could be my doula again. You were so wonderful!!! Hope all is well! -Kristin Maki

  10. Kristin,

    Ah, SO happy for you and David. Is Magnolia excited too?? :). I would love to be your doula put some knowledge under my belt with your delivery!! I would love to catch up with you...since we're not on fb anymore. Please email me with your email address.
    So happy to hear from you!!