Monday, July 30, 2012

Lagoon Mayhem

Last week our family, my dad included, ventured out on our summer road trip to Lagoon in Layton, Utah.
Our plan was to leave on Wednesday morning and return Friday evening.  Well, it sort of went down like that, but with a change based off of insanity.

Our car has a DVD player, the kids were stocked with eight movies of their likings, we had snacks, drinks, and plenty of road ahead of us...what could go wrong?

We arrived in Utah at around dinner time.  We were elated to be free from the car.  I was elated to be free from the fighting of four kids and cramped seating.

We checked into our hotel and settled upon Crown Burgers as our dinner of choice.  I wanted In-n-Out, since I've heard nothing but rave reviews, but my Dad was set on Crown Burgers. I unhappily obliged.
Dinner was a mere disaster!  Lucas managed to throw his food everywhere, Lauren and Anthony were fighting with one another in the booth behind us, and I developed a case of extreme heartburn.  I'm assuming it was the burger I ordered with greasy pastrami, loaded with mayo.  Maybe? 
We were getting ready to leave the restaurant because we were getting the stink eye from patrons at this point, and Lucas grabs the soda within his reach...without a lid...and dumps it all over the floor!   The gal who was cleaning nearby tables quickly ran to get a mop.  I apologized profusely to her as I was rounding up my herd.  I needed a hat, I needed cover, I needed something to shield my embarrassment as I left the restaurant.

We headed back to our hotel, my heart still burning from my grease fest.  It was too early to go to bed, so we headed out on a walk.  There was a Toys R Us next to our hotel, so we opted to hang out there for a bit to waste time before bed.  As bedtime approached, baths were given, teeth were brushed, and I was expecting a calm routine of sleepiness from there.  Not a chance!  The girls were running around the room like crazy, Lucas was not interested in his roll away crib, and I was still aching from my heartburn.  Meanwhile Steve was down in the workout room blowing off some serious steam of dealing with too rowdy of kids.  I happily agreed to let him go enjoy himself for an hour.  Why should we both be miserable?

I finally threw my hands up and decided the kids were not going to listen and their bedtime routine was not going to be met, so get over it.  Just then, Steve returned and within minutes the kids were included.

The next morning we arose excited for the Lagoon adventures.  Expecting the good night's rest for the kids to change their demeanor, we were all smiles.  But we quickly learned at breakfast down in the lobby, things weren't changed one bit.  Lauren's throwing her chocolate muffin at Lucas, Lucas is throwing his banana at the table behind us, my eggs were cold, and I could see Steve's blood starting to boil.  Great, it's only 9am on the second day of what is supposed to be a great family vacation.  Steve then announced we were heading home after the park.  He was tired of the poor attitudes, bad behavior, and lack of a good meal.  I was on was Pa John too!

When we arrived at Lagoon, the kids were awestruck at the enormous rides, sounds, and sights the park had to offer.  I was too!  The last time I was at Lagoon I was around Julie's age and boy has it changed.
We spent the next hours in delight!  The kids, my dad and Steve included, enjoying the roller coasters.  I was happy people watching.  Lucas enjoyed a few rides himself, Lauren had to be removed from a ride (she was too small and I could see her flying to her death before my eyes) and overall, we had a fantastic time.

We left the park around 5pm and headed out on our journey to home sweet home.  Needless to say, the ride home was far from happy and peaceful.  Repeat the steps from the beginning all over again plus a few notches.  I don't think my dad was happier to be out of a car than when we dropped him off at home five hours later.  I was hoping he'd ask me to join him.  I was imploring him in my mind to take me with him, but no, he gave hugs and kisses and walked off into the peaceful lights of his oasis.

We have learned a very valuable lesson here.  We're never, and I mean never going to take another road trip again until the kids are into their college years.  Despite the amnesia of the horrific trip as I type this now, I had a great time.  And yes, I still love my children. :)

Never been so happy to see this sign!

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