Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Happenings

Summer is going by too fast and it's too busy.  I like it.  If I must say one is too hot for my likings.  The fact that my core temperature is elevated isn't helping any either.  I suppose this is summer, get acclimated to it, it's here to stay for a bit.  Okay, alright, that's what I'll do.

Having four children, three of which are out of school for the summer, makes my life at this very moment very busy...and you know, I really enjoy it.  Several reasons, if you must ask.
It is making this pregnancy FLY by!  I'm 17 weeks today...yes, already 17 weeks.  I have my big huge gender reveal in three weeks and it will be here before you know it.  And for those of you patiently waiting, yes, I will be finding out what this bundle of joy will be.  I had my stint (like a few seconds) where I wasn't going to find out.  But come on, really?  Who can honestly do that and be happy with their decision?  Certainly not this gal who has not an ounce of patience in her bones.  What the name will be, well that's going to be kept under wraps.  I am firm, and I mean firm if it's a girl what her name will be.  And when you announce it to others and perhaps they don't care for it?  Well, I personally don't want that strife because it would devastate me.  If it's a boy, well, I'm not going to tell the name either, due to the same grounds...your opinion about my child's name can't and really won't matter.  Only Steve's will matter...maybe.  :)

Getting back to subject at hand...busy summer.  Ah yes.  Being busy with summer has it's pregnancy perks as well as perks for the kids.  Juliebelle has been taking golf lessons, which she LOVES.  Pa bought her a set of clubs the other day that he'll be surprising her cool is that?  Thanks a million Dad!!  
Lucas has been taking swimming lessons.  The first week he hated every, and I mean every second of it. All he was keen to doing was being the only child, one out of six, that would cry the entire time.  All of the other babies were smiling, laughing, and wanting to be apart of what Miss Cathy had to teach them.  Not Lucas.  Nope, wanted not a single thing to do with that darn pool. The second week, he curbed his crying/fussy habit and all he was interested in was the toy turtle that could float, the diving rings, all 10 of them he would chuck into the at a time with such force, and the numerous pairs of goggles the swim instructor had neatly placed by the edge of the pool for her older students.  By the end of class, the pool's bottom was an array of colorful images blurred to the human eye due to the water.  After Tuesday, the second day of the second week, I decided to no longer take him.  Bad mom I know.  Finish what you start.  Well I have my reasons.  They may not be reasons that are justified to randomly quit lessons with my 22 month old, but they are to me.  
The pool.  Every time I would get out of that pool with him, my skin would itch.  And not an itch of a small scratch here or there, but a ravishing, tear my skin off with the closest yard rake I could find type of itch.  And for at least 45 minutes after class had ended.  We have a pool where we live, and I get the occasional itch, but this pool?  Enough said.  Yes, it's a combo of the itching and Lucas not wanting to have anything to do with his fellow swim mates nor instructor.  I do take into consideration the fact that he isn't even two yet.  His attention span is that of his mother's, so I completely understand.  :)  We did however, learn some very valuable life saving lessons that we can implement in our own pool.  Maybe when he's five and will actually want to swim.

And Lauren.  She has been dying for swim lessons herself.  She can safely swim in the pool without a life jacket, but good God!  Watching her swim makes my blood pressure more than sky rocket.  She will swim with her limbs frantically flailing and when she comes up for air, she gasps...and I mean gasps for air as if it's her last breath here on earth.  She tells me she wants lessons.  I have obliged.  Her step-mom informed me of a place very close to our house that offers lessons this late in the season.  I implored her to sign her up.  I have yet to hear...cross your fingers for my sake.  I can't bear to watch her swim any longer.

Anthony you ask?  Well, that child doesn't have any interests in life besides X-box, the computer, and anything that is electronic.  I have taken this brain of mine and struggled with what activities to enroll him in.  Everyone I suggest, it's a shrug of the shoulders, a head tilt, and a simple, "Nah, that sounds boring."  Okay then.  He's not into sports, doesn't really like being outside if given the choice, and can't stand any activity that has rules or restrictions.  Dear God Son, that's called life.  You better get accustom to it because it's here to stay.

I enrolled in a sewing 101 class several weeks ago.  I am over the moon with excitement to take this class.  Our project will be to make a pillowcase.  And I get to use a real sewing machine too.  I know, thrilling isn't it?  I have been so envious of the mothers who can whip out the most darling of outfits for their kids, or even the mothers who magically put together the Halloween costume that would make even the Costume Shop jealous, and even those moms who construct the cutest hair accessories for their princess.  My jealousy stops right here and now.  I will learn how to do the above mentioned...all of it and more.  I did promise Steve he could still shop for his own clothing.  I wasn't going to go all Pentecostal on him and make everything he wears...including his undergarments.
My class is this Saturday.  And the fact that I get to take the class with my friend Allison is even more exciting.  I'm sure she's not elated like I am, but hopefully my enthusiasm will rub off on her.  :)

Next week we are taking a family vacation...Pa John included.  We're going to Lagoon in Layton, Utah.  The last time I was at Lagoon, I was eight years old when my family and I lived in Salt Lake.  I've heard Lagoon has changed in the 25 years since I've been there.  I'm so excited to take all of the kids.  I told them it was a mini Disneyland.  That perked them right up!  There will be pictures galore since I'm the medical exception and won't be enjoying the rides.  Do they let pregnant women go on any rides?  Oh well, the enjoyment of watching the others will be worth it.

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