Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back to School Worries

I know there are some of my blog readers who have older children like myself, so they can relate and hopefully pass advice my way.  All others, I feel it's still important you continue to read may face this same issue as well when your babies get older.

Anthony starts middle school, sixth grade, in eleven days.  Although I am delighted he will be out of the house for a majority of the day, along with his sisters, I am nervous beyond my own measure.
This is a new school in a new district for him.  He will know not a soul.
I am nervous for that reason...ugh...among other reasons I will share with you too.

The problem I'm having is Anthony is so excited and ready to be "growing up."  But I unfortunately, am not as thrilled.

Recently, we were shopping for school clothes.  I came across some polo style shirts, plain colored, no stripes or logos.
"Oooh, Anthony,  you'd look great in these.  Pick out a few colors that you like."
"MOM, NO!  I'll get made fun of.  Only dorks wear polos...and I'm not going to be a dork!"

This conversation started my downward spiral.  Polos aren't cool?  Well what else isn't cool that I think is?  What else is not acceptable that may be?  And will my son, who's only 11, grasp all of these "cool" and "acceptable" concepts?  

Do I pack him a lunch in his zippered, insulated lunch bag?  Or does he brown bag it?  Or is taking your lunch to middle school even entered into the "cool" category?  I know when I was in the 6th grade, if you bought school lunch, you were considered the biggest nerd ever.  Is it still that way?

And does he wear his backpack on both shoulders or let it hang off just one and cause back problems?  But if it's just one shoulder, is it the left or the right?  Are backpacks even cool anymore or is it cooler to carry your books?

And riding the bus.  When he's with our family for the week, he'll catch the bus.  Is that acceptable to do or is it a way for him to get teased?

And I suppose taking his "first day of school" pictures in front of the school is forbidden?

All of the unanswered questions I may have (please help a mom out if you happen to know these answers!!), I must say the most important issue I'm facing is the issue of kids just accepting and liking him.  I want Anthony to be well liked.  Of course, what mother doesn't want that for her child?  I want him to be the kid that everyone will know as fun, polite, and most of all, respectful and courteous.  
It's so hard to have that discussion with him regarding what's "cool" and "acceptable", because I don't have a clue myself.  I do know that respect and responsibility never go out of least I'm hoping so.

And I've also been told to not let my worrisome behavior rub off onto him.  If he seems thrilled and more than excited to be venturing off into middle school, well, then grasp his attitude as well.  They're right (whoever they are), but I still can't help it.  I can't help my worrisome feelings when I know he's possibly eating lunch by himself or even sharing his breaks alone.  
Yes, give it some time Mom, he'll be just fine.  But in the meantime, any advice or words of encouragement would be very welcomed!

Until then, my back to school countdown doesn't seem as thrilling as it once did.


  1. omg this cracked me up!!! I am in the same boat, and just recently am figuring out if I'm a nerd or what. I have NO advice as apparently I'm not cool anymore.

  2. Kami, that's my problem too! I'm assuming I'm still somewhat cool and know what's going on in the world of middle schoolers, but my thoughts are starting to waiver, LOL!

  3. OMG! It's only the beginning! In Jacob's early years I always thought those regular boy jeans were a better look and a better reflection on his dad and me. But that grew old when puberty hit (6th grade). There was no way he was going to wear those ever! He wanted the baggy pants, you know the kind that hang around the bottom of the butt and of course, boxers were a must have. Well, I had not a clue what this kid was up to. We bought him a belt and the belt had to be worn. I trusted him! All started out fine, then he started to droop, looked like he carried his books back there. I screamed all the way through mid and high school years that would be approximately 6 years with this look. Anthony's now starting to come out of his cocoon! My advise.....start eating spoonfuls of honey!

  4. Oh favorite look, especially on prepubescent boys. A big thumbs down to that one. Honey or not, I will forbid the pants to go any lower than the natural waistline. I'm sure once he gets to school, the waistline will get lower, but if Mom finds out...a big uh oh on his part! Thanks for the warning. :)