Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Zoo, Lawn Mowers, and a Belly, Oh My!

Lucas and I went to the zoo this morning.  We met Colette and her two boys and had the zoo practically to ourselves.  Guess that's what you get when you wait till school starts.  

The weather was great too!

The boys had fun running around, going down the giant giraffe slide, and being able to have loads of fun without other kids in their way.  We even went into the butterfly exhibit.  A very large netted area with hundreds of butterflies roaming freely.  Lucas was amazed that a butterfly flew right on Mommy's shirt.  He tried to grab it, but it quickly made an escape from Lucas' chubby fingers.

After the zoo, we headed home to have lunch.  Then nap time for this tired out boy.

I then decided to go mow the lawn for Steve.  He's been away from home this past week up in Pine/Featherville assisting in the forest fires.  I didn't want him to come home to the chore of mowing the lawn, so I took the task on myself.

Let me preface by saying, I have never just started our mower and gone about the duty of mowing.  I have had to call Steve at work with questions on why it won't start, why the blades won't engage, and why the bag's not filling up with clippings.  I've had my questions answered and problems assisted with in the past, so I felt I was 100% this time.  Plus I knew I couldn't call him with any questions this time.  So what did I do when I had a question about the mulching option?  I texted Amanda, my neighbor.  They're so great! Kris her husband, came right over and helped out a pregnant, knows nothing about mowers kind of gal.  

Whew, I was ready to go!  Got that puppy started and off I went.  Got one strip done in the front yard.  Mower dies.  Okay.  Put more gas in...even though it looked filled.  Got it started again.  Mowed another strip.  Mower dies yet again.  Okay dammit, what's wrong?  

After the fifth time of the above mentioned, I decided to give up.  I know, give up?  Your husband's off in the smoke and haze risking his dear life for the past week and you give up on mowing the grass because it's hot outside and you're frustrated?  Yep, I did.  And as I type this, I'm really starting to feel guilty.  GUILTY.  I did however get the entire front mowed and got the blower out and cleaned up my mess.  My reasoning is this:  We have a fence now.  The fence will hide the over grown grass on the sides and back.  (As long as no one peeks over the four foot side fence.)

My intentions were good.  I wanted to have one less task for Steve for when he arrives home.  But standing out in front of my house trying to get that mower to stay started is frustrating.  What's even more frustrating?  The mailman drives by as I'm struggling.

"Won't start for you?" He asks.

"No it won't.  Can't figure out why either."

"Oh, that's too bad."  As the nice mailman drives off...leaving nothing but junk mail in my box.

And how about the guy walking his dog?  Oh, he just stared at me as his dog took a poop several inches away from my grass.

That's when I said forget it.

I will have to have a major rundown of the mower when Steve gets home.  Hopefully that will solve any other future problems.

I am now 23 weeks along in my pregnancy.  Only a week away and I'll have four short months to go!  I'm so elated!

I've been feeling pretty good.  My feet and ankles are already starting to swell towards the end of the day, but nothing that looks like it belongs in the Journal of Medicine handbooks.

I haven't had one bout of heartburn. (Knock on wood)  I had terrible heartburn with the older three and they all came out with thick heads of black hair. I had it occasionally with Lucas and he had a bit of black hair.  Does this mean Baby Boy will be bald?  Uh oh!

I'm enjoying wearing elastic clothing.  And I'm already looking forward to my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.  I will gorge on this being my last Thanksgiving ever where I'm with child.  I'm going to take advantage of all there is on our family's table for sure.  

And as far as my mental state?  I had Anthony tell me the other day,

"Mom, you're a lot less crabby this pregnancy."

Well thanks Son, that makes me feel less irate and crazy...appreciate that.

I have my spurts, don't get me wrong.  Like my sobbing episode yesterday, or when I scream at the kids for gulping their milk too loudly, or even when I have given my husband the silent treatment for leaving the toilet seat up.  Other than that...I've been perfect.  

Baby Boy is starting to move a lot more.  You can even see my belly move when he does so.  The kids get so much enjoyment out of watching their brother be so active.  We like to play music for him too...he moves more when we do.

So far so good.  I'm enjoying these last few months of God's wonderment he has given me.  Thank you for the gift.


  1. yay! I love the 20's weeks in pregnancy, so adorable.

  2. ENJOY your last pregnancy to the fullest and in your favorite season. Good luck with getting all of the homework done every night and all in bed happily.

  3. Kami...adorable? Well...that's not exactly how I'm feeling these days, LOL
    Sarah, so far so good with our schedule. Cross your fingers for continued success!