Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer's Coming to a Close

Summer is starting to wind down...thank goodness.

The kids go back to school next Tuesday.  And that means back to our regular routines, YAY!
Routines of structured everything in my book.  Including extra curricular activities for the girls.  The girls will have soccer practice, between the two of them, four nights a week, plus Julie has dance on Friday evenings.  Five nights a week for the next two months, you all can just label me "Shuttle Mom".  Oh, and a guaranteed two soccer games on Saturday.  Steve said we should trade our Sequoia in for a hybrid...I think he's right.  Time to prepare for more visits to the pump.

Along with regular routines comes the glorious 8:30 bedtime.  Which means 9:00 for Mom and Dad.  Seems early I know, but with it getting darker so much earlier now, the hussel and bussel of four kids, and the reality of life, we'll be ready to snooze when the clock strikes 9:00.  Plus getting up at 5:45 every morning makes for one long day.

I'll have to get accustom to the different time frames the kids are on too.  Anthony will have to be at the bus stop by 7:15 with school starting at 7:45.  The girls get an extra hour before the start of their day...8:45 school starts.  I'm excited to see how it all transforms it the Hayes' household.  With teamwork, I expect it to go very smoothly.  (I may be fooling myself I know)

With summer coming to a close, projects have been completed, T's have been crossed, and I's have been dotted.  I'll share our landscape, well, Steve's landscape completions in another blog...with pictures.  Our summer was busy, chaotic at times, but definitely one where we got more than enough accomplished.  And boy does that feel good.  

After the start of school and we get into our routine of autumn life, it will be nice to sit back and relish in the cooler weather, shorter, busier days, and wait for the arrival of Baby Boy Hayes.  

By the looks of my new blog template, autumn can't come fast enough for me.

Hope your summer was safe, memorable, and one you and your family will look back on as a great few months!

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