Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Whispering Pines

Sunday we set out on yet another family vacation.  I know I said after Lagoon I wasn't going to do it again, but since we couldn't get our money back on the yurt rental, we decided to make it a go.  And I'm so glad we did.

   This is how we started out...PERFECTION!!  The two hour drive was actually peaceful, full of laughs, and kids ready to take on the mountains.

    Our home for the next 24 hours.  Can't complain about the mountain air, even though it still was in the high 90's.

    We roasted hot dogs.  Some were more charred than others, but all around, they tasted great.

    And rootbeer in a bottle...never tasted so great!  Little man couldn't get enough of it!

    Obviously he's addicted to the stuff!

     And so are these two goons!

    Anthony showed Lucas the ropes on the trusty ol' BB gun.  Lucas got to shoot it himself...over and over and over and over and...he loved every second of that exhilarating bang the gun made.

    Our view was grand...even with the smoke billowing through the trees from the nearby Stanley fire.

    Juliebelle...can we get a more perfect child?  Think not.  :)

    On our trail walk, the kids spotted a fallen tree that had to be cut, pretty cool.  I'm in love with      Lauren's pirate face.  :)

        This was just the beginning of this child's face.  Dirt became his best friend.

                        We even enjoyed our share of s'mores...some had way more than others.

    Something about my husband cooking makes me smile...yeah, cause I don't have to!

    Our last go round with the BB gun before we headed home.

Our yurt trip was fantastic!  The weather was hot, but despite that, we had a family memory we can deposit rather than wishing we could withdraw.  Lucas got to experience the woods for the first time and I'm sure if he's anything like his daddy, he'll want to return again.  We didn't come across any bears, coyotes, or even snakes (thank you Jesus) but we did come across chipmunks that we somehow thought we could chase down.  Better luck next time Lauren and Lucas.


  1. I am glad to hear and see that this trip went better than Lagoon! Getting outdoors is healthier for the kids than a cramped hotel room and an overcrowded park, I guess! Hope you are feeling well...stay cool and focused. School will be starting before you know it! Love you, Sarah C.

  2. Thanks Sarah. Trying to keep cool has been the hardest part. Thank goodness for a/c wherever I go. Yes, our camping trip was more delightful than Lagoon. Yay for the start of school! It's not like I haven't been counting down the days since May. ;)