Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Birthday Fun

 Since it was the big man's 2nd birthday yesterday, we had a family party for him at Pojo's.  Pizza, soda, candy, cupcakes, tokens, tickets, and carousel rides galore!

He had a great time and didn't slow down the entire three hours we were there.  He even tried to wiggle away when it was time for cupcakes, but we brought out the presents and that stopped him right in his tracks.

Thomas the Tank Engine toys, tractors, and even Boomer the firetruck were among his gifts this year.  Mom and Dad got him his first tricycle.  He'll need to grow a few inches first before he can fully enjoy the new trike.  

Thank you to Grandma Collie, Auntie Anne, and Papa for coming and celebrating the big two years with Lucas.  We look forward to many more celebrations.

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