Saturday, September 1, 2012

Early Morning Balloons

This morning we headed to Ann Morrison Park to check out the hot air balloons.  Not a soul in our house was excited to get out of bed at 6:30 am, especially on a Saturday morning...except Mom and Lucas.  

Lucas couldn't help his excitement when Daddy awoke him and said,

"Buddy, wake up.  We're going to see the balloons."

Yep, that got him right out of his crib!

A light breakfast for the kids, coffee for Mom, and Steve's few pieces of bacon and we were out the door.

6:45 am and we're actually leaving our house?  We're all dressed, fed, and nobody's complaining?  Yes, you're reading this correctly!  

As we approached the park, we could see balloons starting to escalate into the morning sky.  The excitement of the kids began to blossom.  Their faces lit up and smiles were the main focal point of our family.  As we walked further into the park, we could see the whole grassy area covered in colorful balls of magic!  I have never been so close to a balloon myself, so I was taken back by the majestic sight too.

After their lift off, we decided to visit the Fallen Firefighter's Memorial.  

Just a reminder of our amazing heroes and what their sacrifice to this country means...everything.

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