Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Lucas


 Today Mr. Lucas is two years old. 

I remember your arrival just like it was yesterday.  A perfect delivery into this world on a warm Saturday night.  My, how exciting your presence was...and still is every single day.  Thank you for becoming the light of not only my eye, but to the rest of our family.  You always continue to make us laugh, cry, and have bouts of frustration over your existence.  

You LOVE tractors, big trucks, buses, and of course fire engines! You are ALL boy! Whenever we pass a fire station, you yell out, "Daddy!!"  And I reply to you, "Yes, there's Daddy's work."  Even though the station you point to is not where he works.  :)

You LOVE your LoLo (Lauren) and have learned to say An-knee (Anthony's) name.  You refuse to utter the name Julie and she gets her feelings hurt every time you say LoLo, An-knee, Momma, and Daddeeee, but no Julie.

You are the world's best eater...not picky at all.  And you love your milk warmed up with a healthy heaping of Ovaltine added to it.  I keep telling you it's packed with vitamins and minerals, so drink up!

You are a terrific sleeper and napper.  Thank you...you allow Momma to get her chores done much faster because of your great sleep routines.

And cats.  Can't say enough about the "num-nums" you love so dearly.  I'm still working on Daddy to get you a kitty.  I even agreed to an outdoor one, but the verdict is still NO.  I won't stop fighting for you Son.

You are perfect in every way and I look forward to many, many, many more years celebrating your life!


  1. Happy 2nd year big boy! I remember that eventful year well and am joyous of your arrival and your soon to come brother! Here's to many more good years (and maybe a cat).
    ~Sarah C

  2. Thanks Sarah! He did get a stuffed kitty as one of his gifts...maybe that's one step closer for him. :)