Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend Blurps

This weekend has been filled with plenty of time to pass.  We've made some fun out of it too.

Saturday, I needed to take Anthony to get his hair cut.  He asked me if he could get "steps" shaved in the side of his head.  My first response was "HELL HECK NO!!"  

All I could envision was MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice from when I was growing up.  And those two are not ones I'd want my son to emulate.  

He told me that all of the boys at his school are doing it.  He told me that it's the cool thing to do.  He also told me that it's just hair, it'll grow back.

I told him to ask the hairdresser who was going to be cutting his hair.  If she has done the "steps" and it's a popular thing, he could get it.  Anthony succeeded in his quest.  And I actually like them.  I think they look stylish.  And yes, it's just hair and it'll grow back.

Last night we all headed out to dinner with family.  Pa John promised to bring Julie a Sugar Daddy.  Julie has some teeth that are in need of a good yank, and Pa said a Sugar Daddy would do the trick.  He was right!!

She came running to me with her candy in hand, blood in her mouth, and the biggest smile ever!  She was shocked as well as relieved to have her tooth out.  I couldn't believe what I was witnessing, so I had to take a picture for our future memories.  She currently has two more teeth in need of removing, but the candy only did the job on one.  Maybe with a little more time, the teeth will find a Sugar Daddy welcoming.

Since Steve is working today, I took the kids to Target to go look at stuff for their Halloween costumes to pass the time.  I love the fact that I'm not procrastinating this year.  Getting a few items at a time, versus panicking at the last minute and being forced to spend more money based on "picked through" inventory and pure panic.

Julie is going to be a punk rocker from the 80's.  Since neon is all the rage these days, her costume will be easy to put together.

Lauren and Lucas are going to be a cowgirl and cowboy.  Oh how I love the innocence of their selections.  We need to work on getting Lauren her boots and get the two of them their hats.  

And Anthony?  Well, he switches his selection daily.  At first he wanted to be a bandit.  Okay.  Then today a Target, he wanted to be a police officer, a masked alien, and then switched to a funny man with an afro.  Okay.  Good thing we have the time to change our minds.  

Lucas may even change his mind and want to wear this hat versus a cowboy hat.  Let's hope not!

Our Sunday will wrap up with a nap for Lucas, quiet time for Mom, play time for the three big kids, dinner, baths, and story time.  And all the meanwhile, prepping for the week ahead full of chaos!  Hey, it's what keeps me going.  And I love the business of it all too.  Too bad Steve won't be home much of this week to be apart of it all.  Poor guy.  ;)

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