Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Thief in the Night

There's something missing to my Fall decor.  It's a small pumpkin that fits right inside that little wooden box.  A pumpkin that was petite, perfect, completed my decor, and was mine.

When I arrived home last night, I noticed it was gone.  Since last year we got our pumpkins smashed, thank you very much you snot nosed punks who had a grand time being tyrants, I figured the thieves had struck once more.  I was irate, I was livid, and I was mad beyond belief.  WHY?  Why can't you kids leave our holiday decor alone?  Why can't you target someone else and their stuff?  Better yet, why can't you just grow up?

All of the above mentioned can be blamed on not the neighbor bandits.  Nope.  I had to eat my thoughts on that one.  The reason my precious pumpkin was gone, had vanished, never again to be whole?

This bandit, this thief, this snot nosed punk!

Oh, I would have rather he not been in my sight when I discovered he was the culprit!  I'm sure he would have rather not been either.  My tone and my glare at him was enough to send him cowering back to the mess he came from.

Thanks Wyatt.  Thanks a lot.  There hasn't been enough kindness from you already?  You have eaten one too many zucchinis from my garden this year.   You made it impossible to grow just a single red tomato last year.  You make me get up religiously every morning at 2:30 am to let you out of the garage...just so you can "stretch" your legs...then bark again right as this "pregnant - I can't get a good night's rest mom" falls into a deep sleep and you want back in just because you feel entitled to.

At this very moment, I don't like you.  I don't even want to look at you.  And at this very moment, I wish you would run away to the family that lives behind us that thinks you're so great!  

 This anger and frustration I feel for you will soon pass I know.  But for now, I will keep all produce out of your reach.


  1. I knew it was himm! Boy he really does eat everything!

  2. Was that the cute pumpkin we gave to Lucas??? Dang Dog- SO sorry... I would get you another one, but it sounds like he would eat that too...

  3. Heather, thank goodness no! We discovered our "thief in the night" the evening we came back from visiting with your family. Lucas still has his little gem. :)

    Yes Colette, that dog pretty much eats everything. And cleaning up after him? Well good thing Julie gets an allowance for that task, LOL.

  4. Give him a whole, no bone, slow cooked pork roast, he'll love you for it!

    1. I gave him over a pound of stew meat last night. Somehow I doubt this bear of ours will stay sustained with the glorious treat. Oh well, we've learned to keep all perishables up high and out of his view. :)