Monday, October 15, 2012

We're Well Visits

Lucas and Lauren went in to see Dr. Mindy this morning for their well visits...oh...and to get Lucas' flu shot, and Lauren's booster flu shot.

Lauren was not happy about having to have another flu shot.

"I just had one like a week ago Mom."

"Yes you did LoLo, but since you've never had the booster to the first flu shot, you need to have another one within four to five weeks.  And you didn't have a flu shot a week ago.  It was more like over a month ago."

Tears started to flow.  She was over the needles, the pain, and having to see Dr.s.  I don't blame her.  She's been a trooper these last few weeks, but I wanted to get her squared away this final time before next year...when she'll have to have another flu shot.

I tried to empathize with her the best I could until I finally told her she gets to miss some school by going to see Dr. Mindy.  That changed her mood around rather quickly!

Both Lucas and Lauren were weighed and measured.  Lucas is 62% for his weight, 26% for his height.  My petite Lauren is 5% for her weight and 6% for her height.

The nurse so graciously announced that the kids could receive the nasal form of the flu vaccine.  I was under the impression that the live virus in the nasal mist contributed to more severe side effects versus the actually shot.  The nurse said otherwise.  Wheww!!!  Lauren heard the great news and was thrilled!  So was Mom.

Steve and I decided to let Lauren go first with her check-up so Lucas could see how easy it was.  As you can tell, he's not quite sure what's going on and if he wants to be apart of it.

But he decides that Dr. Mindy isn't all that bad and lets her check him over.

Our well visits came out to just that...well. 

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