Wednesday, October 31, 2012

You Got a What? Conclusion

Life has adjusted quite well to our new friend, Scooter.  Or as Lucas likes to call her, Num-Num.

She is a sweet cat.  Loves to be petted, rubbed, and talked to.  She's allowed into the house.  Yes, I know, with my husband?  Only for bits of time though and her litter box is kept in the garage.  

She has learned to wait by the garage door when she wants to go into the garage.  I'm sure it's the countless times she's been strangled by Lucas, grabbed by the tail by Lucas, or even thrown off the couch by Lucas, that gets Num-Num excited to want to leave the warm insides of our home and head out to a dirty cold garage.  Or it might be the fact that the girls carry her like a baby doll.  Or even that Anthony is constantly wanting to hold her.  Whatever the cat's reasons are, they are justified...well justified.

She loves when Lucas is napping and the kids are at school. Her and I will sit on the couch and I'll let her purr right beside me.  No strangling, no rough housing, and no being bothered.  She's allowed to just be. 

Num-Num was introduced to Beethoven this past week.  She wasn't so sure at first, but she's learned to deal with his big snout in her face.  She no longer hisses at him.  She tolerates him.  Here's hoping they turn into friends.

Overall, she's really a great cat who has a wonderful temperament. I think we'll keep her!

P.S.  I spotted Lily last night in the field by our house.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing, but yes indeed, that was her.  The kids tried to hunt her down, but of course she ran away.  Glad to know she's stuck around...from a distance.

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