Monday, November 5, 2012

Hey, Pay Attention To Me

I took Lucas to the park this morning after I had accomplished my errands.  Not an easy task these days when I'm faced to run all around town by myself.  Having a two year old is challenging to say the least.  So as his good behavior reward, we headed to the park.  

While playing with him on the swings, I noticed a dad and his young son about Lucas' age.  What got my eyes to turn was this little boy was trying to get his dad's attention.  He must have said "Daddy" over 10 times before the dad responded to his son's request.  When I discovered why the boy had to yell Daddy more than he needed to, I was sad, upset, and quite frankly, something I as my children's mother am guilty of.

The dad was on his phone either texting or surfing the web.  Every now and then, the dad would look up from his phone and acknowledge his child.  Meanwhile, the boy was yearning for his dad's full attention.

It got me thinking how this has been my situation more than it need be.  And I felt guilty, I felt like a horrible mother, and I felt sorry for my children after it had been brought to my attention that my phone has taken presidence over them... a lot of the time.

Because I'm a business woman who receives uber important emails daily?  Because I'm so popular that if I don't answer texts right away I'll lose respect from my friends and family?  Or better yet, because my phone is more important than my babies?  The answer to all three questions is undoubtedly NO!  Then why do I do it?

Because I can.  Because I am guilty of living in a world where social media is in the palm of my hand...24/7.  And because I'm a horrible mother for not recognizing my children should come first 100% of the time...not my phone.  

I have the opportunity to stay at home (thank you so much my loving, supportive, wonderful husband) and I know that there are millions of women who would die to be in my shoes. (Yes there are days I'd trade in my role, but what SAHM doesn't feel that way?)  :)  And because I am so blessed to have my position, I need not take advantage of the situation.  I need to be more present, listen more, and put my phone away when my children are willing and wanting all of me.  Because there will come a day when they're all grown up and won't want to have much to do with their old mom.

So until then, I vow to take more of an active role in being 100% present for them.  I'm sure they would agree this is a better option as well!

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