Saturday, November 3, 2012

Let There Be No More Candy!

Halloween's over.  But she's left her aftermath at our house.  With four children in the mix of trick-or-treating this year, the Hayes got more than a sufficient amount of the stuff my husband likes to refer to as the "anti-Christ."

As the sun was starting to descend, the kids got their costumes on.  

Julie was an 80's girl. Boy did that costume make me feel old!  She even had the Madonna style cut off gloves.  I remember begging my mother for a pair, or even begging for her to allow me to cut my winter gloves into the resemblance of Madonna's oh so ever coolness.  Nope, Mama Gail wasn't going to have any part of what she called, "The devil woman."  Oh Mom, Madonna wasn't that bad in the 80's...okay, she was.

Anthony settled on an afro wig and mustache/beard combo.  I insisted he wear pants for the cooler weather, but he stated he was fine in shorts. Okay, have it your way. (I'm learning to let things slide rather than make  battles with my children.  So far it's not going so well in my head.)

LoLo was as pretty as ever as a cowgirl.  Her pink bandana was the finishing touch to her cuteness.  Rather, I think it was that missing front incisor that did the trick to her cuteness.  And Lucas was the cowboy that stole my heart.  

As we were heading out the door for our evening of fun, chaos, and madness, Lucas decides to not only ditch the blue bandana that looks so fitting for his costume, but his two toy guns in his polished black holster.  And his cowboy hat that perfectly fit his head.

GREAT!!  There goes almost his entire western look.  Halloween's ruined now.  My two year old won't keep his costume on.  I took a deep breath, several rather, decided I was going to let this particular letdown for me slide and walked out the front door.


For the next several hours, the kids ran to each door with more excitement and jubilation than an episode of Glee.  It didn't take Lucas very long to understand the concept of going door to door to claim his sweet surprise.  We even stopped by our neighbor's house who so graciously makes and hands out homemade scones each year.  As the kids scarfed down their baked goodness smothered in honey butter, cinnamon, and powdered sugar, this was another moment I had to let slide.

Not only were the kids going to gorge on pounds of candy when we got home, but I'm allowing them to stuff their faces with fried goodness topped with the anti-Christ?  Yes, I did.  I let that one slide too.  And you know what?  Everyone came out satisfied...even me.  :)  Yes, even I was stuffing my face too.

When the night was coming to an end, the family headed back into the house for the annual measure up on all of the candy.  Pa John insisted the kids hand over all of their Snickers to him, Auntie Anne regretfully had to part out early...she was missing her dogs at home, and Grandma Collie sat through the anti-Christ sorting presentation with a grin.

The weather was fantastic this year for the festivities.  It only started to get cold when it was time to wrap it all up.  It was so nice compared to the year's past with wind, bitter coldness, and even rain.  

And as I sit here this morning, having eaten one too many pieces of chocolate from Lucas' bag, I'm thrilled it's all over with for the year.  And I'm excited the kids took their bags with them to their Dad's for their week with him.  Until we meet again Halloween...let there be no more candy!


  1. Hey Angela! Just catching up on your blog again. What a great looking bunch of trick or treaters! So cute! We had a baby boy at the end of August and thought of you throughout the day of labor! We named him Keegan and he is doing fantastic. If you want to see some pics you can go to Hope you are doing well and feeling great!

  2. Kristin, so elated for you and your family! Your babies are so precious. Thanks for the blog address...I will now become a stalker of yours. ;)
    I'm feeling like a woman who is going to have a baby know how that feels, LOL!
    Looking forward to keeping up with your growing family.