Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Proud To Be An American

I exercised my right as an American and I voted today!

It got me really thinking how lucky I am.  Actually how lucky we are to be Americans.  Well, Americans that haven't been charged with a felony. 

Being able to vote is a powerful statement to me.  It means that even though I am one of hundreds of thousands, my vote really does matter and makes a difference.  My mark on the ballot means something.  And knowing those truths makes me feel very liberated as an American!


I understand that it may be a pain to wait in line.  It may be bothersome to take the extra 30 minutes to cast your opinion.  And it may be troublesome to take the effort to make a difference, but in the end, it's our duty as citizens.  At least our duty if you want the freedom to moan and groan about the way our government is currently being directed.  If you choose to forgo your mark on the ballot, then it's best to refrain from complaining in ear shot of me.





 Several weeks after their grand opening, Steve and I finally took the plunge and tried Chick-fil-A.  We wanted to see what all of the hype was about.  Really, you crazy a** people are going to camp out for days on end waiting for the big day?  And you people are crazy as hell to wait in your car through the drive-thru for a line that wraps around here to Kingdom Come?  I mean come on, McDonald's serves chicken sandwiches equally as great I'm sure.  And they have nuggets too.  After today, Steve and I bought into all of Chick's hype.  It was marvelous, it was tasty, and it was down right delicious!  We only waited in the drive-thru line for five minutes.  I ordered their classic chicken sandwich and Steve got their nuggets (to share with Lucas of course).  I was preparing myself for the basic fast food chicken sandwich, but was rather surprised.  It's actual chicken!  It wasn't just ground up chicken parts smooshed into a patty.  It was real and it was good!  We both were surprised at our meals and have decided the hype is not hype, but rather pure genuine goodness.


I had another Dr.'s appointment today to check on Baby D.  Everything is right on track.  I'm measuring 32 weeks.  Last appointment I was measuring two weeks ahead which equals big baby, which means not good for me during delivery.  But D decided to level out.  My blood pressure remains amazing.  Today it was 106/68.  And his heartbeat hovers around 135/140.  We have our induction tentatively scheduled for the 21st still.  The only thing that would change that date would be if I go into labor on my own beforehand, or the hospital is slammed the day of with emergency births.  None of which I foresee happening, but you never know.  Along with myself, Anthony and Lucas have an 18th birthday.  So if D came on the 18th I would think that would be quite alright with me.  I'm now down to going to the Dr.'s every two weeks.  We're down to the finish line!  So excited to meet this little guy.

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