Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Three Years...My Oh My!

I am such a huge romantic.  I mean, what woman isn't?  I don't know too many that aren't.  That's why I'm stumped as to why God put men and women together with all of their differences.  I'm sure to get a good chuckle throughout His day.

Being the romantic I am, I remember most everything that has to do with how my husband romances and romanced me.  

Three years ago today, his romancing began.  We went on our first date.  Our first date that lasted from 10:30am to 11:00pm.  And let me tell was a date like no other!


After getting off his shift that morning and getting done with church...(score for me...he went to church!) he picked me up at my house (when I lived in Meridian.)  We actually only lived about two miles from one another.

We were headed to Flat Bread Pizza in Bown Crossing in Boise. 

We arrived at 11 and didn't leave until 4:30pm.  We had our own section to ourselves the entire time.  Talking non-stop mind you.  And yes, Steve did most, if not all of the talking.  I knew he was meant for me at that point.  A man that talks more than me?


After leaving the restaurant, we headed to Table Rock to watch the sunset, but the road leading up to the cross was closed so we opted for Bogus instead.

I know what you're thinking, "You went and "parked" somewhere on your first date?" 

Yes we did, but it was far from what you're thinking.

As we sat atop Bogus Basin, Steve and I discussed topics that come up in real relationships.  Things that come up after a couple has been together for weeks, months, even years.  Nothing was off topic to us that evening.

Since both having been through not so great divorces (what divorce is ever great?) we had an abundance of similarities between our situations.  We both had the understanding of what we "thought" made a marriage work.  We both had the notion that this time it was really going to work.  And what struck me as unbelievable was this man before me was taking responsibility for the ruins of his past marriage.  A trait that is hard to find.  You know, it's always the other person's fault.  :)

When Steve dropped me off at my house that evening, he asked if he could walk me to my door.  I accepted of course!  As he gave me a hug that melted my entire insides, I knew there was something special about this man.  I knew there was respect, compassion, and heartfelt genuine feelings behind this man.  But what I didn't realize was the amazing life he was going to provide for me...for my children...and for the two boys we have created along our wonderful journey.

Thank you Steve for that very first date back on November 21, 2009.  It was a date that changed me, made me Ang again, and turned me into the woman I knew was inside me.

I love you!

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