Thursday, November 15, 2012

Was I Prepared For This?

Two weeks ago I received a call I have been waiting two years to get.  

The lady on the other line, Melissa, stated there were two openings for Lauren and Juliebelle to attend 5th and 1st grade at North Star Charter School.

That phone call made my day!  Now was our opportunity to get the girls into one of the state's best schools.  It must be amazing, there's a waiting list of over 600 children!!

After receiving the call, I immediately accepted the positions for the girls.  Switch the girls from their current elementary classes where they have their friends established?  Switch them from their comfort zone?  Yes, I did.  Not 100% happily though.  I knew as their mother, that they would adapt.  I also thew as their mother this was the best school for them.  It is ranked high in their test scores, it's two seconds from our house, the girls can go all through high school at North Star if they choose, and I also knew this was going to be the best education for them.  

The girls made the switch without as much as a complaint...well at least Lauren.  :)  

Their first day must have been hard on them.  It's always difficult being the "new" kid in any situation, let alone a new school.  My heart ached for them as I knew their emotional struggle that first week.  Growing up, our family relocated many times, more than I had wanted.  And each time, my brother and I had to adjust to a new school.  We managed, but it was hard.  It wasn't something I celebrated, and it surely wasn't something I was rooting for.  I kept my own past emotions in mind those first few days the girls were making the transition.

Come two weeks later.  All I can say is well...several things really.


Julie is in fifth grade mind you.  She is doing 7th grade math.  7th grade science, English, history, and yes, even 7th grade spelling.  She has averaged about two to two and a half hours of homework nightly.  Let's not forget Lauren either!  First grade status here, but she's doing 2nd grade everything!  

Everyday this week after school, my girls are beyond eager to get their homework out and hit the books, even though it is more challenging.  And what parent isn't elated about that?!  

I am so proud of them for adapting to their new changes both socially and emotionally.  I know with continued school success at North Star, my girls will be ahead of their game before we know it!  

Anthony you ask?  Well, he's going to stay at Eagle Middle.  There was an opening for him, but the work load he's operating at currently is plenty for that child.  Enrolling him at North Star would have set him back...too far in fact.  So the executive decision was to keep him where he is.  And he was more than happy about that choice!

As everyone knows, Baby D will be making his grand entrance in five short weeks.  And you all know that my loving husband doesn't have a "normal" 9-5 job schedule.  And you also know that this woman here handles stress like a cat handles a bubble bath.  So why make the change for more of a work load knowing your home life?  I know, I know.  I've been asking myself that same question.  Oh, maybe only about six hundred times this week. And the fact that Lucas and I had some sort of stomach bug this past week too, I thought I was in labor, and my oldest son, who shall remain nameless, is not on my favorite list this week.  With all of my "stressors" going, why?  WHY?  WHY?  Well because no matter where I am in life, stress will rear its ugly head.  It will never go away.  And it will always follow me like a lost puppy.  So why not give my girls the best education even at my sanity's expense?  Why not?  Was I prepared for this?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!  But I will prevail!

Somehow, this made my week well worth it.  Way to go girl!!


  1. WOW Congrats on the new school and great education they are getting. I too have heard great things about north star..
    Sorry to hear you and Lucas were sick- I hope that these last few weeks before baby D you can find time to relax a little.
    Have a great thanksgiving-

  2. Thanks Heather. I too hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones. It's so great our husbands aren't working this year! Yay!!