Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Wrapped Up Christmas

Christmas is over for 2012.  It was a wonderful Christmas this year.  Despite not having Mama Gail with us to celebrate Jesus' birthday, it still was a great day.

To start, I got the greatest gift of all...

This little boy is the best!  And he is doing fantastic!  Gained another four ounces at his Dr.'s visit yesterday.  And the nurse told me he's going to keep his blue eyes.  They'll be a deeper/darker blue, but they'll be blue.  (Thanks for the blue genes Mom, Steve, and Grandma Collie!)

The older kids enjoyed the day as well.  Too many presents for my liking, but try and tell the family to hold back on gift giving...yeah right...not happening!

Julie finally saved enough of her own money to buy her iPad 2 she's been wanting.  I'm so proud of her for saving for something that she wanted.  Is $400 a tad too steep for a "toy"?  Well yes, but hey, what can I do?  When that girl gets her mind set, there's no turning back for her.

And Lucas got another "beep-beep."  That boy adores tractors, trucks, or anything associated with the ability to make truck-like noises and move dirt.

This Christmas, we also started a new family tradition.  It's a German tradition to be exact.  We call it "Hide the Pickle."  You can read about it HERE.



The prize for the "finder" of the pickle was a $20 bill and a $10 gift card to McDonald's.  I was in charge of hiding it.  The kids had the entire house to search for it, so I figured it would take them awhile.  Nope, Julie found it within two minutes of searching.  Guess my spot wasn't hard enough.  Steve's turn to hide it next year!

Our Christmas meal was one that needs to be written about and documented.  It was grossly good.  Gross in the sense that I ate too much.  Too much to where at times, I seriously thought it was all going to come back up.  I was stuffed more than I have ever been stuffed.  Prime rib, crab, french bread, salad, baked potatoes, cranberry sauce, and appetizers galore!  It was a glorious dinner, but one that I took advantage of a little too much.  And let's not forget the carrot cake, panattone, biscotti, fruit, and coffee that came just hours after.  I don't think there was a member of our family that wasn't uncomfortable.  Well, maybe Grandma Collie.  She has the amazing ability to have self control when it comes to food.  The Tuso side, umm...not so much.

Christmas wrapped up with family retreating back to their own homes, the kids playing with their new toys, Steve and I still belly aching from dinner, and Dillon doing what he does best...sleeping.


I am blessed to have been able to have another year with my family, my children, my husband, and most excitingly, a new child.  Our Christmas was great! Hope you all had a fantastic one as well.

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