Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Change of Heart

I knew from around mid September I wasn't going to put up a Christmas tree this year.  With the arrival of a new baby pending around that specific time, I knew I didn't want the hassle of having to take the tree down, deal with Lucas chucking bulbs across the house, and having another "thing" to worry about.

My opinion was soon going to be overturned by who?  Of all people, my husband.  

Last night we embarked on finding the Hayes' 2012 real Christmas tree.  


Growing up in the early 80's and 90's, I always had a tree.  And it was always a real tree too...none of this "fake" junk my mother would say. (She said she enjoyed the smell too much for a fake.)

Our family would head out in the Buick Century, in the late 80's for this particular Christmas tree memory, and the excitement would be spilling from the backseat as my brother and I would be getting our very own tree to take home.

My dad was the ring leader of course...we were merely his sheep who would ooh and aah at the sights, smells, and sounds the tree lot would possess.  My mom would get to throw in her opinion of whether or not she liked the tree, but it was Papa Bear who made the last call.  It had to only shed a certain number of needles, it had to be perfectly straight, it had to put off a certain aroma, (the stronger the smell of pine,the better) and it certainly had to be given to him at the best price.

If any of you are familiar, I'm WAY too familiar, with The Christmas Story, then you'll know what I'm talking about.  When Ralphie and his family go get their tree for  the year.  That scene is what is embroidered into my memory bank when I look back on our Christmas tree memories.  Of course we never ended up with a flat tire on the way home and I never had to utter the infamous "Ohhhh fuddggee" words that rendered Palmolive in the mouth of Ralphie!


My memories as a child were far too great to pass up.  I knew I had to pass my dysfunction onto my own children, that's why I got so elated last night to get to start the tradition with Lucas.  

  Here's the beginning of our "find."  I had to scope out the best deal I could find. And Fred Meyer had great prices on their trees.  Ahh, turning into my father on this one!!

 I asked Lucas to help Daddy pick out the best one.  Clearly he's not amused as the rest of us.





After selecting our tree...I only made Steve go through two trees, we decided on that beauty!  The clerk at Fred Meyer helped us out with it.


 Lucas wasn't too sure where the clerk was taking his tree.  As I explained to him he was helping us take the tree home, he had to double check my words and watch his every move.


 We then headed into the store where we got a few groceries.  And we had to stop by the bakery for a Christmas cookie for the little man.  He clearly enjoyed this part of our tradition!

It was time to load her up!  Lucas was thrilled at this point!  He watched Daddy pile the tree into the back...all smiles of course.

We got her home and Lucas helped Daddy drill some holes into the stump before going into the stand.

And there she is!  Our 2012 Hayes Family tree.  She sure smells great, adds so much to our living room, and has the Christmas touch.  But most importantly, the memories we have.  When Lucas gets older, I'll have to tell him how his Daddy cut his thumb to the bone trying to snip off the top portion of the tree for the star.  For now, Steve's swollen thumb glued with Dollar Store super glue will have to remain between the two of us.  I'm sure we'll get a few more laughs out of it before too long.


  1. I can even see the cat got in the drilling action...love it! I am so glad to see your tree and change of heart. It adds so much warmth to the house! Merry Christmas!!!!

  2. Thanks Sarah! We love our tree...smells so good. The cat likes to crawl up inside the tree, knock down the ornaments, and then proceed to play with them. And to think, I was worried about Lucas being destructive with it! LOL