Friday, December 21, 2012

Shedding Some Hair

Lucas has officially been welcomed to the Big Boy Club!

He's received haircuts before, but all in different fashions.  One fashion has been on Mom's lap - in a headlock - with tears streaming down his face.  Another fashion has been in a headlock - with the above mentioned, but screams pouring from his mouth.  And yet another fashion has been on Mom's lap - squirming, but compliant. 

Yesterday was the magical time!  He crawled right up into Brooke's chair, sat on her Big Boy booster and waited patiently for her to get the job done.  He was rather stoic, but I'm learning that's just my boy at times.  And being stoic during a haircut isn't so bad...vs screaming and tears.

He happily collected his treat that was promised to him after he was done...a homemade cookie adorned with colorful M&M's.  Oh yeah, and a smile was also part of the package!

Way to go Lucas!  You continue to make this Momma smile daily. :)

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