Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 in Review

Lucas had his share of haircuts

Learned to use a fork like a big boy

Watched a beautiful sunrise or two

Had a visit from Aunt Mo

Had a penpal

Built our share of things for the house

Added vinyl to our walls...oh what a task for Steve

Went tubing at Bogus

Went snowshoeing with friends

Received flowers...just because
Celebrated Valentine's day...with a fun party

Received my first Orchid...which sadly passed on

Birthday gift from my bestie...Mom's beautiful tree

Celebrated the big 3-4 with friends

Posed with the fireman a time or two

Took photos for my photography class

2nd Anniversary trip to Seattle

10th birthday for Juliebelle


Learned to play the recorder

Saw two pink lines

Saw our "baby" for the first time

Had a moment with Mom's fingernail polish

Annual Mother's Day flowers...look forward to them EVERY year

Celebrated Mother's Day...I love you Mom
Celebrated cherry season

A sad mishap to the eye...bats and eyes don't mix

Lemonade stand...over $10 in earnings

One of many fishing trips

Watched our subdivision start to bloom with building

Lucas' weekly backpack lawn mowing adventures with Daddy

One of many visits to see Daddy at work

Summer=Pool time

Blueberry 100 degree weather

Golf lessons

Happy 6th birthday LoLo

Visit from the bestie

Sewing class...surprise Steve

Family trip to Lagoon

Yurt much fun

Saw the amazing hot air balloons

Girl's trip to McCall

Our baby is a boy

Bike rides with our favorite

Summer getaway to Tamarack with Aunt Mo

The start of middle school for Anthony

The start of 1st and 5th for my girls
Many hikes to Tablerock
Soccer season for LoLo
2nd birthday for this man

The glorious flu shots for the kids
Wyatt ruined yet another something of ours

Happy Halloween

Many trips to Home Depot helping Daddy
Moments of just being cute

80's haircuts...or were the steps 90's?

Losing teeth the fun way

Losing teeth...the not so fun way

Did our share of praying

Many visits to our favorite Dr...Dr. Mindy

Learned where our fingers can go

Obtained a new friend...Num-Num

Discovered the hidden secret

Exercised my right despite the outcome

This dude turned 12

Expanding belly shots

Enjoyed a new toothless smile
Missed her even more

LoLo received a major award

Couldn't do a single thing without his friends coming along

Saw Santa for the first time

Helped Daddy pick out the family Christmas tree

The girls sang Christmas carols in the oh so cold weather

Took advantage of tumble days at Danik

Welcomed Dillon John Hayes to the world

Enjoyed a Christmas with our loved ones

This Wonderwoman saved over $400 to buy an iPad
Love this face

May your new year be full of health, love, and days filled with peace.

The Hayes Family


  1. You are super woman! I have no idea how you're finding the time/energy to blog and entertain family and friends. Thanks again for inviting Kris and I to spend New Years Day with your families. We had a wonderful time :)

  2. What a post! And what a great year! Hope 2013 is just as good-

  3. Amanda, you'll notice I'm blogging less. (But I'll take the Super Woman compliment!) :( Guess having a full plate will do that to me. We enjoyed having you two immensely! So glad you could be with us. Our families are blown away at how wonderful you two are with the kids. They're rooting for you to have your own! As are we!

    Heather, thank you! Hoping 2013 is even better. Hope your new year is off to a great start for you and your family. :)

  4. What a nice way to capture the year Ang! Happy New Year!