Monday, January 28, 2013

Oh Sigh

I really don't have any excuses why I'm behind in blogging...other than the fact that adding just "one more" child to my family has sent me over the edge most days.

To say I feel overwhelmed, stressed, or even fatigued most of the time is not an understatement.  Because I do.  All of the above.  But I know it will pass and my now "baby" will be a two year old running a muck with the rest of the household.

This past month has been filled with great moments of loving this little guy and getting my picture taking fix!

Not only have we expanded our family, but we have expanded our imagination too!  We converted our office into a home gym.  We pondered this one for a long time.  The likelihood of either Steve or myself being able to make it to the gym anytime during the week with a family of seven, was...well...not likely.  Creating a home gym was our solution!  And if I say so myself...I think Steve did an AMAZING job.  Yes, he did this work all by himself.  No help other than from me to help carry some of the equipment into the house.

The kids were lucky enough to hit Danik this past weekend for an hour.  It's been so cold (in the low teens) that it's hard to do a thing that doesn't make you freeze.  Bouncing, tumbling, and twirling is a great fix to get the wiggles out. 

 This month has also been great for Lucas.  He's been able to spend extra amounts of time with Bamma...aka as Grandma Collie.  He loves to play at her house, have sleepovers, and even loves when Bamma's taken him to story time at the library.  And not only has he gotten extra time with her, but Daddy as well. 

Steve's making such a great effort to spend more time with him so he doesn't feel left out with the addition of Dillon.  It's so hard for me to juggle anything really, when I have Dillon.  As a newborn, he requires so much attention which then leaves the others having to wait for my time.
All of the kids have done so well in understanding what Dillon requires.  I can't say they're happy about it, but they understand.

I look forward to next month and the growth of our family.  The weather is starting to get a little warmer, the days a tad longer.  Oh sigh, how I dream of Spring. 

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  1. LOVE the picture of you and Dillon! So sweet!!!