Monday, January 28, 2013

One Month and Counting

One month old.  You're not sleeping too well at night, but you sure love to sleep all day.  You are a great nurser, love to fill your diapers, and love to snuggle with me. 

You're sleeping in Mom and Dad's bed...right in the middle of us.  I'm slowly getting you moved to your own bed.  Well, the play pen right next to our bed.  It's hard for you.  You cry, wiggle, and fuss when I put you in the play pen.  Like I said, you like to snuggle and want to be close to me.

There are times when I get so frustrated with you.  You won't let me put you down, even to go to the bathroom sometimes, but I must remember you won't always want, nor need me.  And when I think of that, I hold you even tighter.

You have given me the worst cases of mastitis I have ever seen!  Gave me a fever of over 102 for over three days, body aches, chills, and the inability to function.  I recovered with antibiotics the size of a small meal, lots of rest, and some patience.  We're all better now.

I love you more and more each day Mr. Dillon.  May God continue to bless our family.  :)


  1. He just looks so sweet! Wish we lived closer so our little guys could be friends!

  2. Thank you for being a tremendous Mother to our little Dillon.