Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Month Two

Two months today Dillon!  Seems like time is standing still at this very moment.  Only because you're still draining the life out of me.  Never knew I could love something so dang much that drains me!

You're starting to give Mom and Dad great big smiles followed by the world's cutest coos.  Lucas never cooed, so you've got one up on him...sibling rivalry at its best. 

You got your first cold this past week.  Squirting saline into your tiny nostrils is not your thing.  And having to suction those tiny boogers out with the bulb syringe?  Forget about it you tell me, as you scream!
Daddy of all people...thought it'd be me since I'm your mom and I know everything about you...has discovered how to get you to sleep at night.
He turns the fireplace on in our bedroom an hour before your departure.  I nurse you.  After your last meal of the night, Daddy swaddles you (arms dislike having your arms confined) and then places you in your bassinet that's close to the warm fireplace.  You quickly fall asleep.  
You're now going to bed around 9:30 and waking at 4am for your "midnight" snack.  Then awakening again around 7am.  Not a bad schedule if you ask me.

Lucas is starting to come around and become more "tolerable" of you.  He loves to periodically throughout the day, when his beep-beeps aren't at the top of his list, come and give you a kiss.  Sometimes he's not so gentle and wants to tickle you.   He sure loves you.  And your daddy and I am so excited to see how your relationship pans out.  We think you two will be the best of friends.  I sure hope so!

Happy two months my adorable son!

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