Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3 Years

Three years ago today I married this man.  
My best friend.  My confidant.  My everything.

To say we are happier today than the day we got married is an understatement.  
We created a blended family.  Well, I came to the table with the most blend...three children to give Steve all of the credit here!
When you have a blended family, things don't always run so smoothly.  We had some serious struggles, hurdles, and obstacles those first two years.  It finally feels like our heads are above water now...and it feels amazingly great!

Each year I'm married to this man,  he reveals more strength, maturity, and wisdom from me.
I thank the Lord for him.  For allowing our union to have flourished rather than diminished considering what we have had to endure.

I look forward to the many more years with this man that I'm proud to call my husband.

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