Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A+ Job Well Done

That's a picture of my girls forming the letter A with their fingers.  Why?  Because they rock and Steve and I are SOOOOOO proud of them.

As you know, the girls switched from Paramount Elementary to North Star Charter several months ago.  Not only did they have to be up-rooted from their new friends and school routine, but they had to embrace a whole new system.  A system that wasn't easy then and really hasn't gotten much easier even to this day.
They have made new friends, have learned North Star's policies, (which are far different than their old school and much more strict) and have adapted to the hours of homework nightly.
Both Juliebelle and Lauren are learning above their current grade level.  Juliebelle is doing 6th to 7th grade math while being in the 5th grade and Lauren is reading at a 2nd grade level while in 1st grade.  Juliebelle is learning about the stock market in her economics class, while Lauren is studying obtuse triangles and the radius of a circle in math. 

I know the girls have been struggling with getting on track, getting used to the homework load, and getting accustomed to a whole new world when it comes to their education, but when I sat them down yesterday to review their grades...well...we were all blown away!  

The girls are not only doing okay, they're doing great!  And even excelling beyond what's been expected of them.
Both girls have A's and B's.  They are so excited to see that their hard work of studying, sweat and tears, and all of their determination has been paying off.
Steve and I are elated at their amazing progress.  For their "reward", the girls get lunch from Panda today.

Way to go my little scholars!  You're doing so well and we are so proud!

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