Sunday, March 31, 2013

Exposed to a Tween

"In-between" stage in their development when they are considered "too old for toys, too young for boys".

Happy 11th birthday to my tween!

Eleven years ago today, I held you in my arms for the first time.  My first girl.  How would I know then that you'd be my first for so many things?

You make me cry daily.  You are a button pusher, a hard-headed one, and a young, respectful lady all wrapped into one little body.

I am happy to share you with others, but then again, that's because I know deep within, you're all mine.  I love the fact that I can depend on you.  You're witty, sassy, and have a love for me that is unexplainable.  

You are headed for academic stardom my Juliebelle.  Whether it be Harvard, Princeton, or Yale, your name will be on that diploma! 

As time passes, our relationship grows in directions that make me dizzy.  In directions I only pray will iron themselves out.  

Thank you for being you, despite the pain, hurdles, and obstacles you put me through.  You make me smile, laugh, and cry.  You make me evaluate my role as your mother far too often.  And you make me so grateful to experience my emotions as you do.  How boring to not have a roller coaster relationship with your own daughter!

I love you Julie Isabelle.  You are the light of my life, my beautiful little lady. 

Happy birthday!


  1. She gotta new hair cut and glasses for her birthday? She's a beautiful girl. :)

  2. She cut off 10 inches! And yes, new glasses. She's starting to blossom. :)