Monday, March 18, 2013

He's Doing What?

I know it, right?  That face couldn't possibly do anything to make his mother want to cry out of pure frustration.  Not Lucas.  Not that handsome little guy.  Well yes, he's doing it.  He's doing just what I saw other kids do, but not my own, until now!

Last week, Lucas started climbing out of his crib.  At first Steve and I laughed at the ability of our boy to plop himself over the rails and march right on downstairs into our room at 2 am.  We even thought it was cute.  Cute quickly turned ugly when it was happening nightly.

The "experts" say to take the child in question back to their bed.  It may take you 1 time, it may take you a 100 times, but be consistent and continue taking them back.  And viola', the problem will be fixed.
Yeah right.  Who are these experts?  People who actually have a 2 year old waking them up at 2 am?  Do they have a 2 year old who won't respond to being taken back to their bed more times than you can count on two hands?  And do they also have a 3 month old in the mix while doing the above stated?  Yeah, didn't think so.  Oh, or how about the parental advice I've gotten to do what the "experts" say.  Whatever, you have a role model child who never tried to crawl out of their bed until 8 am when you went to go retrieve them...all wide eyed and bushy tailed!  But yet, I'm the bad one here because I can't take another minute of it and allow my child to sleep with my between my husband and me...getting a foot to the ribs, the face, and even the privates?

Okay, your advice, along with the "experts", is all sound and good, I believe that.  But I can't do anything.  I really can't.  I've tried.
I've tried bribing him.  I told him if he stays in his crib that I'll buy him a new train, tractor, or even buy out Costco's inventory of M&M's.  He simply looks at me and says, "no".  No, he refuses.  Steve and I even converted his crib into a "big boy bed."  Even had his pride and joy Juliebelle tell him how cool he is now that he's in a big bed.  He didn't care.  He just looked at her and said, "no."  

So I sit here, eyes heavy from my days starting too early, and count down the hours until it's bedtime.  Why?  Why even bother looking forward to sleep that I won't be getting?  I don't know.  Can't a mom dream?

And that mess?  He's defying the child locks too.  As he slips his chubby little fingers under the lock and proceeds to un-lock the drawer in front of me, he grins oh so slightly.  I throw my hands up and walk away.  Not before I put the grater up on the counter...that he then proceeds to try and fetch with a stool he's gotten to stand on.  Oh, I really just give up.

Did somebody say Girl's Night Out?


  1. Wish I could go on a girls night out with you! :) I am pretty sure Keegan is going to be just like this. Magnolia has spoiled us with her staying in bed so we are already preparing ourselves for the opposite from Keegs! I have not met your hubby but just from the pics... Lucas looks exactly like him in the bottom picture!

  2. I'd LOVE a girl's night out with you too! Two SAHMs...uh might get dangerous, LOL! Yes, Lucas looks so much like Steve. I'd be a millionaire if I had a dollar for every time I heard how much they look alike. Good thing I have Dillon to balance it out. :)