Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Monster of a Time

Saturday the boys and I joined our friends, The Holloways and headed to the Monster Truck Show!
I have never been to a show, so I had no idea what I was in for.
I don't like NASCAR and I don't like the Meridian Speedway.   It's too boring for me.  Oh yeah, cars going 'round and 'round on a track, beers in the hands of people it shouldn't be in, and noises too loud for me.  I should have put the two together, but I didn't.

Driving into the Idaho Center, where the show was being held, I knew right away what kind of show this was going to be.  People were wearing Harley Davidson jackets adorned with fringe, mullets on one too many heads, facial piercings, and what else?, tattoos galore!  
Okay, breathe.  Just breathe I told myself as I was entering another dimension.
After parking and making sure I had my supplies for the two boys checked off, we headed into the arena.  
Once in, all I could do was stare.  Stare.  And then stare more.  Where am I?  Why did I decide to subject myself to this?  And where are my friends sitting?  I need the shelter of a friend right now.

We found our seats next to our safe haven...our friends.  But not before the rumble and roar of the engines started .
Oh my Lord!  What's happening?  A quick panic came over me.  My heart started to pound.  My glances went back and forth, then forth and back.  I was scared.  It was loud.  I wanted to go home.  
The trucks raced out into the open arena.  The crowd of colorful people roared, cheered, and yelled.  My ears couldn't take the noise.  All I could think about at this time was the future of my eardrums.  I don't want hearing aids when I'm 40.  And what about Lucas' ears?  AHHHHHHHH!

After hearing protection was placed on all parties involved, my heart rate settled.  Lucas and I found our place between our friends.  Okay, I think we'll be okay.  Wait!  Why is the lady sitting in front of us so excited every time a truck comes out?  Not just a yay level of excitement, but a YAAAAYYYY level.  Her arms would fly into the air.  She'd holler really loud.  She'd even stand occasionally and throw up the "hang loose" sign with her hands.  She'd throw up a Grave Digger flag and even block my view for seconds at a time.  Why?  Was I missing something here?  What was it?

Trucks continued to roar.  They raced back and forth.  And at times, the crowd went nuts.  I was trying to understand why.  I was trying to understand this "culture" these people were engrossed in.  I had no clue a crowd could get so excited when a truck would topple on its side.  And when a driver would emerge from their truck and be interviewed by the announcer?  Forget about it!  The crowd was wild at this time.

Oh well.  I discovered I'm not cut out for this type of entertainment.  I may never be.  That's okay. My boys sure had a great time!  
The sacrifices I make as their mother.

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