Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Snowshoeing Day

Sunday, Steve and I needed to decompress from the events of the monster trucks from the night before.  So we headed to Bogus Basin with our friends, The Jones to snowshoe.
They had never been before and wanted to give it a try, so we were their instructors for the day.

We all made the drive up the windy hill.  Steve was good this time around...no carsick Ang!  Thanks for going slow enough for me, despite the angry drivers behind us.

We got our gear on and headed out into the snow on the Nordic trail.  It was a small adjustment getting used to the snowshoes, but our friends did well.  Even Chad, who had their two year old strapped to his back along for the adventure as well!

After several hours on the trail, we were all tired.  This was our first snowshoeing trip of the season.  I guess being pregnant and then having a newborn can stifle your winter outings...who knew?!

After getting back to the lodge, all gear removed, we were excited to have had our adventure.  And Steve and I were excited we got to share our love for snowshoeing with our friends.  We just hope they loved it just as much!

*Thank you Grandma Collie for watching Lucas for us*

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