Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hayes Happenings

Man, I swear I never end up having enough time in the day to do much.  My mind is always racing and constantly going.  Hence, lack of time equals lack of blogging.  So...I'll clump our happenings together because I have no clue when I'll get the chance to blog again.

Mother's day was this last Sunday.  We decorated Mom's tree with balloons for her, then at sunset, we released them to her.  It was a beautiful moment.  We watched them until we could no longer see them in the sky.  Happy Mother's Day Mom.
I received great gifts and sweet cards from the kids, a delicious dinner at Smoky Mountain with the entire family...thanks Dad, a wonderful, looking forward to it massage from Grandma Collie, and gorgeous flowers for our yard from Steve.  It was a fantastic day...besides missing my own mom. 

 The older kids and I did Race For the Cure.  Grandma Collie was supposed to be walking with us, but she decided to stay back and watch the younger boys for me.  Plus she wasn't up to walking with a sore knee.  Juliebelle's friend Faith had a sleepover with us the night before, so she came along too.  Since Lauren's tennis shoes didn't fit her, she opted for her cowgirl boots instead.  We decided on the one mile walk instead of the three mile.  Cowgirl boots are not the thing to walk three miles in.  The morning was beautiful!  My friend Barbara, her mom (who is a cancer survivor), Barbara's two boys, Colette, and her youngest boy, walked with us too.  There were 12,000 people this year.  It was packed to say the least.  Not having to push a double stroller was nice, but we missed Grandma Collie.  As you can see, Lauren wasn't too delighted to have her picture taken.  There's always one in a bunch that has to make the picture far from perfect!

Steve's dad decided to get this for our family:

 The kids love it...and so do the big kids too...that being Steve and me!
I helped put it together with Steve while the kids were at school.  Holy cow, it was tedious.  I can't read manuals on how to put things together for the life of me, maps included, so good thing Steve was there to be the force in this project.  

We have been having great Spring/Summer weather lately.  Lucas always likes being outside, but I'm afraid of the traffic in front of our house.  Well, be afraid no more!

 I swear!  Is there anything my husband can't do?  He's not only the love of my life, but the best handyman too!  He built (welded) this amazing gate for our courtyard.  In all of half a day's time.  It is so nice to not have to worry about Lucas running into traffic now.  He's able to play in the yard, have a super fun time, and all while I have the peace of mind.  Oh, what a relief!

 This boy LIVES for being outdoors!  I love it.  I'm so thankful he's not in front of a TV 24/7 watching movies and or playing video games.

Our days are very productive in this house.  Never enough time, as mentioned before, but we manage to get the necessary things accomplished.  Maybe. Hopefully.  Sometimes.

Until next time blog readers!  I hope to post more than once a month.  Maybe.  Hopefully.  Sometimes.

Here's to happy, beautiful days!


  1. Did you ask my mom to go on that walk with you guys? I think she would have liked that.

  2. No I didn't. She always dreaded having to do it when she worked for Key, so I figured she wouldn't want to do it voluntarily. :)