Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our Summer in Pictures

I'm so far behind that I'll just let you into our family's happenings with pictures. 

Steve and I hiked Table Rock.  I carried Dillon in the front pack, Steve carried Lucas in the back pack.  Yeah, it was a rough one with the extra weight, but such an awesome feeling once we arrived to overlook the city of beautiful Boise.

Steve and I had our first date in six months...a Boise Hawk's game...in 100 degree weather.  We didn't mind sweaty backs and butts.  We were together, holding hands, and enjoying every minute of it!

Lucas got a new bike from Grandma Collie.

Dillon used his high chair for the first time.

Dillon weighed in at 17.2 pounds at his six month Dr.'s visit.

The boys rode together in the bike trailer for the first time while we rode through our beautiful neighborhood.

We hosted a neighborhood BBQ.  Had a great turnout and met such wonderful families.

The boys enjoyed many naps...ahhh...quiet time for Mom.

 Enjoyed watermelon.  Made him eat outside of course.

Start my days off with His word and a cup of great coffee.

 Putting our home gym to good use.  Flexed for Julie.  She said I looked like a man.  Oh yeah, I'll take that as a compliment.  Thanks Julie!

Enjoyed the 4th with great neighbor friends and jaw dropping fireworks.  Yeah, they were illegal, but oh so spectacular! 

 Celebrated Mom's birthday.  We miss you Mom. (That's our neighbor's house.  Steve would never let our grass look like that!!)

 Got our first ear of corn from the garden.  Boy was it sweet and yummy!

 Miss Lauren turned 7.  Where has the time gone?

 And this boy turned 7 months!

We've had an eventful summer so far.  Steve and I, due to an unseen situation, have the kids full time for the next year and a half.  Yeah, five kids...that's a lot.  But we are doing it and loving it.  Well, most of the time at least.  The other time I'm hiding in the bathroom to get a two minute break from the circus we call our family and Steve seems to be hiding too.  Except he always manages to never get found.  I'd sure like to know his secret! 


  1. Looks like a great summer so far... we need to get together- I can't believe how big Dillon is!

  2. Heather,
    Yes, we need to see you and your family! This summer is flying by. Let's arrange something. You and I plan it...the boys have proven they're not so good at doing so. :)