Monday, August 12, 2013

8 Months

Oh Dillon.  Just stop your growing right this second!

You've mastered the rolling over and are now onto sitting up.  You are about two months behind Lucas with your milestones, but I'm totally fine with it.  I'll take you as you are forever; knowing you'll be mobile here shortly.

You've been waking up at least once this past month.  About once a week you'll sleep until 5:45am.  That's a window of time where I say,"Hmmm, do I stay up or try to catch an extra hour of Z's?"  I usually opt for the getting out of bed to start my day.

Your Dr. has stated that we need to start letting you soothe yourself back to sleep at night.  That's a nice phrase for saying you're going to do a lot of crying  at night.  

You are truly the cutest and happiest baby I know.  You love to eat.  Man can you put away the food!  And you're showing it too by your flowing rolls up and down your body.  Chubby babies are my favorite!

Each day that passes, Lucas gets more interested in you.  He loves to talk to you, sing, and even share his toys with you.  You are the light of our lives!

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