Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of School

Juliebelle and Lauren started school last week.  Since they're attending a charter school, they aren't on the same schedule as the public school district.  To have them start three days earlier than most kids...yes, I was relieved a tad.  Okay, A LOT!  What stay at home mom isn't excited to have some of her own time back?  

Their first day was great!  They both love their teachers and even have friends from last year in their class.  So happy the girls are happy with the start of a new year.

And with the subject being on the first day of school...

This sweet boy started preschool today!  The above picture is him smiling on the way to school.  As hard as I tried, I couldn't get your typical, "first day of school picture with the backpack on, school sign in the background, lunchbox in hand, and bright smile beaming from ear to ear."  Oh no!  It was a sad, sad, very sad face.  
Steve and I did well though.  We kissed him goodbye, said we loved him, and walked out the door.  After my emotional departure with Anthony last week, my heartstrings were tugged on again.  I felt too emotional with this particular situation with Lucas.  I'm sure it was because of my emotions dealing with Anthony.  Regardless of my emotional mess, I was happy to see my son sitting at a table drawing only seconds after Steve and I walked out of the room.  I have yet to receive a phone call to come pick him up...so a successful start in my book.

With the kids in school, it looks like my stress levels will start to decline.  I could use a break from Mr. Stress.  He's reared his ugliness too much on me these past few months.  I'm looking forward to being able to breathe yet again.  And I'm looking forward to having a schedule conducive to what is enjoyable; making our home life one that is just that...enjoyable.


  1. I cannot get over how much Juliebelle looks like you in that picture!!! Wow! Here is to a new school year and hopes of you feeling accomplished during your day! Cheers!! :) (feeling accomplished is a goal for me this year too... hard thing to achieve as a stay at home mom!!)

  2. Juliebelle does look a lot like me...that I'll have to agree on! I'll take that as a compliment. ;) I hope you can accomplish more in your days too. Sometimes just getting a shower in is a HUGE accomplishment as well as getting to the store. And to do both all in the same day? Well that right there's a miracle!