Monday, August 12, 2013

Our Summer in Pictures - Part 2

Again, I've resorted to minimal blog posts.  To say there's a lot going on in our household right now would be an understatement.  I really don't know how the Duggar's do it with what...17 kids?  Oh Lord!

So for now, I'll do pictures to get you caught up on our happenings.

This cutie was always ready to smile for the camera.

 Lucas loves to crawl into Dillon's bed in the morning.

 Steve fixed my straps on a sundress that I have.  What a well rounded husband I have.

The kids and I volunteered for the Eagle Food Bank.  We rounded up over 3 cart loads full of food in three hours!

 Took a nap or two.

 Steve, the boys, Grandma Collie, and I headed to LA to visit Aunt Mo.  Have I mentioned I dislike flying? 

 Lucas and me being more than silly with gift bows.

 While on our trip, Dillon sat in a highchair for the first time.

Lucas loved playing in the ocean.

 We visited the aquarium in Long Beach.

 The highlight of the trip for me.  My very first visit.  And yeah, it was great!

 Watched a sunset or two from Aunt Mo's house.

 Gave myself the privilege of taking selfies with this stud.

Visited Lego Land.  Most amazing place to In-N-Out of course.

 Toured the USS Iowa and had a little fun afterwards.

 Yet another selfie.  Do I need a reason?  Okay, caught the beautiful ocean behind us.

 Had too much fun antagonizing Dillon.

 Had an emergency hot air balloon landing in our subdivision.

And had a last!

Summer is wrapping up.  School starts in less than two weeks for the girls.  I couldn't be more elated to have a few hours during the day.  To nap?  To be lazy?  Hah, not a chance.  Actually, to be able to clean my house daily and have it stay clean for more than two seconds.  I might squeeze a nap in...who knows.


  1. Great pictures! Looks like you guys had fun!