Friday, September 13, 2013

9 Months

9 Months old today Dillon!

You are sleeping through the night and in your own crib.  Two milestones I never thought would happen.
You are getting up on your knees and rocking back and forth.  You're almost there with taking that first step to crawling.  But instead, you continue to rock and start crying; maybe because you don't know what to do next and your chubby legs are getting tired?  Maybe.
You are still an eater.  You love canned pumpkin.  I bought a can of 100% pure pumpkin that I used in a recipe.  I gave you a lick and you fell in love with the stuff.  The only bad thing is it makes me have to change your diapers more often!

Lucas asks you every morning when you wake up, "Did you have a good nap Dillon?"  Guess naps can be 8-10 hours long if you want them to be.

You are starting to watch the TV when something interesting grabs your eye, but that watch turns quickly into a quick glimpse and your attention is focused on something else.

You haven't cut any teeth yet and there's no signs of them popping through anytime soon.  It's okay less mouth to brush!

You are such a joyous, happy baby!


  1. He is just so cute! I LOVE those cheeks! Congrats on getting him into his crib AND sleeping through the night! Are you at the point yet where you can sleep through too? That seems to be my problem. When Keegan is quietly sleeping then I am awake worrying why he is so quiet!

  2. Kristen,
    I'm so used to getting up every so often, that yes, I'm awakening in the middle of the night wondering why he is quiet too. Maybe because he's actually getting a good night's sleep? Of course that's the reason, but wish I could too. It's funny how moms will worry like we do. Guess that's part of our title..."Warrior Worriers." :)