Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Simple Sunday

That picture is Lucas his own bed.  He's almost three.  It's time.
I've been meaning to do this much sooner, but I had made excuses.  Many excuses:  I'm too tired to deal with the fight he's going to give me.  I'm too stressed to handle the hours I'll need to get him to stay in his own bed.  Or even, I'm not strong enough...I'll cave...then what example am I setting for him when I don't follow through?
Well enough excuses.  Steve's at work for the next two days.  I'll make it happen.  Just like when he was at work several months ago...I had Lucas potty trained in two days and when he came home, voila, he had a diaper free child.  My hopes are when he gets home this go-round, he'll have a child free bed.  That sure would be nice.


This boy right here is a waffle champion!  Saturday and Sundays are calmer, more relaxed, so I have more time to make a breakfast child worthy.  The kids like when I make a berry compote.  It's more special than traditional syrup they say.  I think so too.


There's really no words for these two other than: I'm so blessed to be their mom!


  1. I'm glad you are blogging Ang- It seems my list of bloggers I used to follow have gone dormant.. love seeing what you and your family are up to... Hope Anthony is doing good-

  2. Thanks Heather. I enjoy blogging, but just like anything else-I need to make time for it. Let's cross our fingers I stay on this blogging streak! :)