Thursday, September 19, 2013

Birthday Boy

Three big years have come our way!  
For the last week, Lucas has been so excited that his birthday was coming.  Anytime I'd begin to tell him something, he'd interrupt me and tell me that his birthday is tomorrow.  I would reassure him that yes, it is coming up very soon, but not tomorrow.  He didn't like my answer, so I quickly changed my response to fit his liking.  We had a lot of, "your birthday is indeed tomorrow son" responses after a few tears were shed.

We celebrated at Pojo's again this year.  He had a fun time winning tickets, riding the merry-go-round, playing skee ball, and running around.  We celebrated with a giant 16 inch cookie from Mrs. Fields.  Unfortunately, they need to hire a proof reader, but for our sake, Lucas can't quite read just yet.  
Oh well, I'm actively pursuing a call to Mrs. Fields to have our situation corrected in the best way possible.  Maybe free cookies for life?  Sounds fair to me!

 This boy will not keep clothes on for the life of him!  Julie captured this picture while he's in his glory.  He's trying to convince our neighbor boy to come ride in his car with him...just hop over the fence.  Once the neighbor saw half naked Lucas, he stopped in his tracks and decided to stay on his side of the fence.  I don't blame the kid.  Maybe one day modesty will set in and he'll require underpants.  For now beware of little dangles near by when Lucas is around. 

 Happy third birthday Lucas Michael Hayes!  You are the apple of my eye and the beat to my heart.  I love you so much son.


  1. The picture of him looking over the fence with his naked butt is seriously one of the cutest pictures I have ever seen! Love it!!

  2. Thank you! Good thing the neighbor kids' parents can't see what I see, LOL!