Monday, November 18, 2013

11 Months

Dillon, you're quickly on your way to becoming a one year old!
You have four teeth that came practically overnight, you LOVE to eat, and you and Lucas are quickly becoming best friends.
You gave us more than a scare with your emergency room visit, but God decided that He wanted to keep you around a little longer. It gave your dad and me the gentle reminder to cherish each day He has given us; not to let moments slip away without being 100% present.

You are such a wonderful, happy, and content baby who in a matter of a month will no longer be a baby, but yet a little boy who is learning to make his presence known in this family.
You're bedtime routine is awesome!  You go to bed around 6:45pm and rise about 6:30am.  And your bottle is your best friend upon waking.
I love you Dillon and am so blessed to have the privilege of being your mom.


  1. I heard about your ER visit... I know too well about that.. So sorry he was sick... So glad he is doing better! I just read your article! Way to go! I look forward to reading the next!

  2. Heather, thanks so much! To say it was scary is such an you know. But yes, he's doing well now. :)
    I'm glad you enjoyed my article, I appreciate your feedback tremendously! Looking forward to sharing my antics with you and the others each month.