Monday, November 18, 2013

13 Years

I can officially say I am the mother of a 13 year old.  If that isn't starting to make me feel aged, then I don't know what will!

Anthony James is celebrating 13 years of life today.  My heart only aches knowing I can't celebrate with him in person.

13 years ago today (11:41 am to be exact), I became a different person.  My life was no longer about "just me" and my wants, needs, and desires.  I became a mom.  Little did I know then, the importance of that specific title and what the job requirements actually were.
Fast forward 13 years later and my heart has grown by leaps and bounds.  It has matured into the mother I'm proud of today.  
Thank you Anthony for always making me want to do better for you.  Thank you Anthony for being you.  Being you has caused the waves to crash at times, but we're working on that.  We're working on getting you dialed in, settled in, and back on track.
My heart is filled with so much joy today, knowing you're my son.  And it's filled with so much anguish because you're not here with us to celebrate your life and your special day.  Though you're miles away, know how much you're loved, thought about, and cherished each and every day...not just today.
Happy 13th birthday son!