Friday, December 13, 2013

The Faces of His First Year

Dillon John Hayes is one year old today!
What a year it's been with you my handsome, amazing, wonderful, special boy!

You are standing, vocal, enjoy copious amounts of food, love your siblings, demand to have your mama snuggle you in order to go to bed, and you're leaving your baby roots behinds and are quickly becoming a little version of Lucas.  I'm going to miss your baby stage for sure, but am excited for the next chapter.  The chapter of never getting a chance to sit down, always on the go, and having to realize that a small boy such as yourself is on a mission to conquer and destroy anything in your path!

Thank you Lord for blessing our family with such a perfect little angel.  We are forever grateful to You!

Amanda Allard Photography

Amanda Allard Photography

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