Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013's Review

Another year has come and gone, but not without a lot of great memorable moments.  Enjoy our re-cap of 2013!

 Dillon's first pool experience

 Lucas loving on his best friend

 Dillon's first time in a high chair

 We have a sitter

Missed this boy...just a little too much
Gathered for a moment...thanks Amanda for your patience

 One of many Dr. visits

 Posed with the fireman

 Lucas said good-bye to these...

And hello to this
 Celebrated a year of greatness

 Had supermodels living among us and started my writing journey

 Celebrated A's in school

 Monster truck madness

 Snowshoeing adventures

 Donated our strands to Locks of Love

 Tried being "that mom"and failed miserably

 Super Dad built a gate to keep the critters in

 Race For the Cure fun

 Welcomed a trampoline AKA death trap

 Hiked Table Rock a time or two

 Harvested Earth's finest in Garden de' Hayes

 Paid one of many fire station visits to Daddy

 Watched the Hawks crush yet another opponent

 Lucas got his first bike...thanks Grandma Collie

 Celebrated our independence

 Enjoyed bike rides with these boys

 Our inaugural neighborhood BBQ 

 Studied His word to start off my mornings

 Celebrated Mom's life...two years missing her

 Garden de' Hayes has corn

 Captured pure bliss

 Volunteered with the Eagle Food Bank...oh Lauren

More poor mistreatment of Num-Num

 Lucas' first experience with the ocean

 A wonderful trip to L.A.'s aquarium

 My taste buds have never been the same

 A visit to Aunt Mo's...pure serenity

 Lego Land joys

 Hot air balloon landing madness right in our neighborhood

 Spirit of Boise balloons

 Attempted, but failed miserably getting this boy to sleep in his own bed

 Many moments of gratitude spoken in our house

 Annual crab feed...success

 This stud started pre-school

 Celebrated the resurrection of the most incredible Man 

Tried to get crafty and won

Were the recipients of someone very special...thank you!

Thank you blog readers of 2013.  I hope that you return to see what 2014 has in store for our family.  Trust'll be good! 

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