Saturday, January 4, 2014

I Will Make 2014 Count By...

I will make 2014 count by...

By living for the moment vs. always trying to look ahead.  This moment was given to us by Him to appreciate and embrace...take advantage of the opportunity.

By giving thanks in all circumstances.  Being truly thankful is such a rich emotion.  I have been guilty of "giving thanks," but not being deeply thankful.  And when times are good?  You bet, let the gratitude spilleth over!  But yet giving thanks when times are rough, edgy, and raw?  That's when it's needed the most; that's when it pleases Him the most.

By doing, being, and seeing more of the good in life. In other words, having a positive attitude towards all that He has given me...even when it's hard.

By giving more.  Giving even when I have so little myself.  Giving of my time, money, and myself to others in need.  Give to others to make their day a little more special, a little brighter, a little lighter of their burdens.

I will make 2014 count by doing all of the above. Because I know that if I do, not only will others benefit from it, but so will I.  And to make myself benefit from doing, giving, and living?  What a priceless year!


  1. Such a gorgeous blog…love your thoughts for this year.
    Great to find you through the linkup :)

  2. Janice,

    So humbled by your sweet and touching words. Thank you so much!

    1. This is the family you guys helped for Christmas this is the only way I could find to write you guys! Thank you so much for your kind hearts and wanting to help My family! We felt so blessed and loved and overwhelmed with emontions!! God is so Good! and He lead your family to our family, saying thank you doesnt really sum up just how you made my family feel:) We talked about one day being able to give to a family like you gave to us! Also to Grandma Hayes.....Thank you so very much for your giving heat! GOD IS SO SO GOOD!!!!

  3. Crystal,
    You are SO welcome! I would love to talk to you more! My email address is: