Friday, April 11, 2014

Consistency of God's Word...One Pastor's Story

I recently had the amazing opportunity to interview my pastor for an article I did for Christian Living Magazine.  My journey on writing this article taught me something very valuable: Listen when God speaks for it is a voice much greater than yours.

When asked the golden, but difficult question: Why remain so consistent with God’s word, when by far you’d be more popular going against the grain and preaching what the people “want to hear”, Pastor Steve Moore smiles as his eyes twinkle just a little.

As he clasps his hands together in front of his emerald green, nicely pressed shirt, and leans forward in my direction, he begins to answer my question with simply one word – Truth.

With that simple, yet profound answer, he further explains that truth comes living a life that not only is spoken with our words, but rather, our actions and how we choose to live each day.  As he sites a part of Galatians 5:22-23: Giving of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control…he is apparent in his answer that to simply speak the truth in love, is pertinent to those that are followers of Christ and those who are in need of Him as well.

On any given Sunday, Senior Minister to Ten Mile Christian, Steve Moore lights up his church with God’s message.  The deliverance of his messages can be related to one of Mozart’s finest.  The crescendo comes first, followed by a staccato inserted here and there with a touch of forte’, finally followed by a decrescendo.  His arms may even flail up, down, and side-to-side, and on a real good day, his notes may even fly off of his podium and into the crowd.

Pastor Moore will touch on the ever-so-stinging concept that just because you’re human alone, doesn’t get you into heaven.  Just because you believe in Jesus Christ doesn’t give you a front row seat to the pearly gates with bonus backstage passes. And he even states that he himself, a pastor, isn’t guaranteed a spot next to the Main Man, just by being a pastor alone.  And he will embrace issues that we humans don’t want to face, don’t want to look at, and certainly don’t want to be guilty of, but are.  Abortion, addiction to pornography, abandoning the concept of marriage for heterosexual promiscuity, homosexual unions, violent and self-centered acts, materialism, promoting gambling to fund our schools, and the sale of mind altering drugs…just to name a few. These aren’t topics that are popular, well liked, and sought after, but Pastor Moore doesn’t care if we want to address them.   What he does care about is getting the Truth out, whether it’s popular or not.  He faces these tough topics not only through the eyes of others, but also through the eyes of a sinner himself.  He won’t deny the fact that growing up in Portland, Oregon, some 44 years ago, before turning his life over to Christ, that he too was a sinner.   He’s not afraid to let the people know, using stories of his own sin, past and present, to illustrate his points.  He’ll ultimately tell you it’s God’s Truth along with living a life of compassion, grace & mercy, but love too is what will be the ultimate home run, game-winning traits as a Christian.  This is what Steve tries to drive home weekly for his church that will ultimately get you to your final destination of front row passes and yes, even backstage passes too.  But it’s how he does it that sets him apart from the others. 

 In the closing minutes of his sermon, his arms become relaxed at his side, his eyes are focused behind the glasses he wears, and you better listen closely, because his voice is almost at a whisper at this point. Mr. Moore calmly, gently, and with the utmost passion for Christ’s message, asks his congregation the choice they’re going to make.  Is it going to be the “popular” choice or God’s choice, a very tough question for some of us to have to answer?  And although Steve is far from political in his sermons, he stresses his messages with love, God’s Truth from the bible, a better understanding of what God’s wishes are for His people, and a deliverance that grabs your attention and leaves you with a feeling of promise and hope as a believer.  Steve Moore isn’t concerned with being popular or well liked for his words to the people sitting in front of him each week.  His purpose is to get God’s Word out to those willing to listen, over pop psychology any day, even if that means he sits in the back of the class when it comes to his popularity.  His conviction will be the truth over a status quo.  He actually doesn’t mind sitting in the back; he’ll tell you the view is far better from back there.

You can visit Ten Mile Christian Church’s website to learn more about service times (they have five Sunday services to choose from, two of which are in the evening that offer dinner for $1), classes offered (preschool through senior citizens), and the current events happening weekly:

Pastor Steve Moore

*Article first appeared in Christian Living Magazine

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