Thursday, July 3, 2014

Three Month Re-Cap

I just now realized it's been almost three months since I've blogged.  That's a lot of catching up to do.  Grab a cup of joe, your favorite chair, and have a seat while I guide you roughly through the last three months.

Easter was much later this year, which made for an awesome Easter egg hunt for the boys due to the warmer weather.  Lucas had a blast trying to find all of the colored eggs hidden in the bushes in our yard.  Dillon?  Ehh, he could care less; he was more interested in eating the rocks.  Three months later, I'm still finding plastic colored eggs here and there as I do yard work!

Our family recently gained a new member to our family...Rhina...a 4x4 off road vehicle...and she's sure pretty too!  She fits our family nicely, allows for us to tromp around in the elements oh so nicely, and gives us the opportunity to get real nice and dirty. We've taken her down dirt trails, through the mud, and we've even driven through a few streams and rivers.  

Our garden yielded, and is still yielding, copious amounts of beautiful, delicious strawberries.  I've been gathering about 50-70 strawberries every other day.  They're the kids' favorite treat.

A trip to the zoo was had by this guy.  He loved exploring the grounds, commenting on every.single.animal, and telling me how upset he was the tigers decided to hide from him that particular day (I think it was feeding time the hour we visited).

On Father's Day weekend, we joined forces with our friends and took our first camping trip of the season.  It just so happened to be the coldest night EVER in the record books of camping...lucky us!  But despite the frigid temps, Lucas, Steve, and I had a blast!  We're looking forward to more trips this summer, but under warmer conditions.

Grandma Collie's house is taking shape!  That there is her new beauty.  And that picture is taken right outside Lucas' bedroom window.  Yes...she's going to be living right behind our house and I couldn't be more excited!  I know, I know, your mother-in-law is that close?  She is!  What's great about all of this, is I actually like her.  No, I take that back.  I actually love her.  Most daughter-in-laws would shudder in terror at the thought of their MIL living so close to them.  Not this gal.  I'm excited to have her so close, excited for the kids to have Grandma so close, and excited to see more of her.

I was lucky enough to get a Girl's Night Out with this gal.  We went to the Idaho Botanical Gardens and saw the Fray, live in concert. It was a beautiful night, amazing people watching, great food, and the best part??..we actually got to finish a sentence or two without the disruption of our littles!  Best time had...can't you tell by how genuine our smiles are?

Dillon has recently decided ALL furniture in our home deserves to be climbed on, in, and or around.  The dinner table is not an exception.

We were able to welcome Anthony home recently.  It was a great moment to see his smiling face again.  Now all I need to get used to is more dirty socks to wash and being eaten out of house and home!

I took the kids to their first rodeo.  How fun!  It was literally only minutes from our house.  Lucas was enthralled by the mean bucking horses (who wouldn't be mean in the situation of having your family jewels tightened so tight your only form of escape is to buck?)  The evening was well spent watching talented cowboys and cowgirls show us their magic.

Sunsets this summer have been glorious!  It's so amazing to see God's work each evening.

I FINALLY painted the cedar chest I purchased off Craigslist over eight months ago.  When Steve started to get disgruntled over it being in his way in the garage, I decided to put an end to his grumbling.  Sure glad I did.  Isn't she just marvelous?  Thanks Honey for your words of displeasure of the chest taking up too much got me to act upon my hidden skills.

That's a summary of the last three months.  The days this summer are flying by.  Can't believe the 4th is almost here!  Before you know it, it'll be time to head back to school.  Ahh...a mother's dream come true.

Let me leave you with a quote I'm in love with...

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